Wednesday, 28 January 2015


So the requested cake was baked and I think enjoyed (it didn't last long!!)
And we had a be-lated Christmas Dinner for Josie as she was away at Christmas.  
My Grandad enjoyed himself and the evening finished with us watching some YouTube funny clips. So lovely to hear my Dad laugh so much. 
I'm trying to think of something interesting to put on my little sisters Birthday Card. Since they have put up their bird feeder they haven't had any birds in their garden so they can hang this on the feeder. (My sister doesn't 'do' hand made) it's funny how we are all so different. 

I have a few things that need to be finished. But one really good thing I have found is that my Mum's bay window is brilliant for photos. So not only does she have electric and Internet, now there is even a 'studio'aspect to her cottage. I need to get this Sunday Shawl finished. It was a pattern I got after I had seen it a lot on Instagram and a pair of socks I've had  on the go for years. (There is a number of other WIP (works in progress) but you can't rush these things. 
I'm also catching up on a friend's blog really love the way Jenny writes. She is so full of information and there is also a humour in her writing that I love. I'm hoping one day there will be a book. Boy, that lady can tell a story. 
So whilst I've got this little lady over for another couple of weeks before she goes back to Guadaloupe to look after the three boys this one has gone back up to Manchester. 
Along with the stitches in the back of his neck (don't ask!!)

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Has it really been two years???

So much has changed in these two years I have been away from blogging. 

But I'm back. Today is Josie's 21st Birthday. 

Where has that time gone. 
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