Tuesday, 26 February 2013

My baby turned 19!!!

In amongst all the sorting, moving and de-cluttering Jose turned 19. I went up to see her by train armed with cake, a very pink cake. Although it looked nice it wasn't a patch on her boyfriend Huw's cake for taste. He won that one hands down. Can see I am going to have a bit of competition there. Actually have to admit to him scoring pretty high on the Ok by Mum stakes. Polite, nice, kind, well spoken, can cook, hard working and can even flipping well sew!!

We went out to dinner as well. Josie's choice (have to admit not really my cup
Of tea). It was strange watching these two from the other side of the table. It really made me realise how much she has grown up and how bloody proud I am of her.

It was lovely as she came home to help me Sort out stuff and we put a load of stuff on eBay. So I am off to have a bit of a package up and a trip to the post office.

I love my very grown up daughter very much, but she knows that xx


  1. Aahhh happy birthday to your daughter, the cake looked fab! Lovely photo of you two together - why do they have to grow up so quickly - the time just seems to shoot past :-(

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I can't imagine my little girl all grown up but I know it is inevitable!


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