Friday, 14 December 2012

One present

I am really chuffed how this turned out. I have wanted to make one for ages, the pattern is from the MarmaladeRose blog. I can't link to it as I am doing this on my iPad. That will also explained the photos in the wrong order.

I used odd bits of wool I had laying around (boy do I have a lot of those) I even unpicked some Japanese flowers that I made years ago to use some of the wool.  The large flower is one of Lucy's May Roses. They really are easy to do.


  1. Morning,
    What a sweet coat hanger and I love the colours you've used.I think there is something so addorable about making such a mundane item sooooo pretty!!
    Have a lovely weekend Tracy.x

  2. I love that - it looks really vintage. xxx

  3. Ooo, that is gorgeous! How classy. xxxx


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