Saturday, 22 December 2012

One home, half way there.

Just over an hour ago Jose came home for Christmas. It feels lovely.

I just went into her bedroom to turn off the heater and seeing her snuggled up reminds me of the times I waited up on Christmas eve do as to help Father Christmas deliver his stocking and the little pickle would still up and awake!!!

I also made a twig tree for Jose a bit like the one downstairs. Jasper is here tonight so I'm going to do a small one in his room, hung with the mini Paperchase baubles and Roses as tree chocolates.

I think I am sort of getting there, still a few bits of hand made presents to finish off, I need to make a backing for Tim's cushion. Not 100% pleased with the centre square as I should of used the cream chicken wire rather then the white one. But I'll hand quilt around the heart and pop a couple of buttons on and keep my fingers crossed.

It is so nice knowing someone else is sleeping in the cottage, especially it being my girl.


  1. The last few years have seen some big changes for you - its nice to have your girly back for a while. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I'm sure your children are savouring every minute of Christmas with you. You've made it so special for them. Happy Christmas! xx

  3. Have a happy chrimbly and creative new year, I love the way children make chrimbly more special x

  4. Hi just found you lovely Blog, sound like you have made your Christmas a very special one for your family.


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