Saturday, 22 December 2012

One home, half way there.

Just over an hour ago Jose came home for Christmas. It feels lovely.

I just went into her bedroom to turn off the heater and seeing her snuggled up reminds me of the times I waited up on Christmas eve do as to help Father Christmas deliver his stocking and the little pickle would still up and awake!!!

I also made a twig tree for Jose a bit like the one downstairs. Jasper is here tonight so I'm going to do a small one in his room, hung with the mini Paperchase baubles and Roses as tree chocolates.

I think I am sort of getting there, still a few bits of hand made presents to finish off, I need to make a backing for Tim's cushion. Not 100% pleased with the centre square as I should of used the cream chicken wire rather then the white one. But I'll hand quilt around the heart and pop a couple of buttons on and keep my fingers crossed.

It is so nice knowing someone else is sleeping in the cottage, especially it being my girl.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

The chicken cushion.

You have to love foundation patchwork. Perfect points every time.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas making.

Getting on well with Christmas presents. Determined to get to the bottom of my list. Once Christmas is over the big sort out and pack up start!!!

How are you getting with Christmas plans?

Monday, 17 December 2012


Please get better soon x

Friday, 14 December 2012

One present

I am really chuffed how this turned out. I have wanted to make one for ages, the pattern is from the MarmaladeRose blog. I can't link to it as I am doing this on my iPad. That will also explained the photos in the wrong order.

I used odd bits of wool I had laying around (boy do I have a lot of those) I even unpicked some Japanese flowers that I made years ago to use some of the wool.  The large flower is one of Lucy's May Roses. They really are easy to do.

Thursday, 6 December 2012


Finally a post.  Silly isn't it how blogging looses it buzz after a while but it is such a good way to keep a record of things that we have done, made, enjoyed etc.
Things have been a bit busy here since my last post and I thought (OK, nagged by Josie) I should catch up before then new year. 2013 looks like it is going to be good, interesting, a challenge, peaceful and hopefully happy.

I turned 40, my god where has that time gone? I had the most wonder day, walk and lunch with my sisters and my Mum.  The days tinged with a bit of sadness as Jose had said she couldn't come back from London.  I understood but it took the edge off the day.  The evening was spent at Tim's cottage, simple supper with friends and a very special surprise visitor - Jose!! I was so happy   It meant the world to me.
Jose and Huw made me the most wonderful Birthday cake and put up bunting during the day. (thought I recognised it but seeing as Jose was the only one who knew where it was it couldn't be mine!!)
Had the most wonderful presents - Jose made me a quilt, has only been off my bed to get washed (the corners stayed together Jose)
I had a ring from Tim - No not that sort of ring!!! - I love silver and didn't need anything else.
Jasper turned 17!!! and has passed his test and is mobile.  Actually quite a good little driver.  He has a small car and drive to school.  Gives lift to his friends and charges them for fuel.  But I think he has realised how expensive petrol is!
My Dad also had a birthday.  Note to myself, don't put icing on a warm cake!!
I went up to see Jose in her new home, it is lovely and we went to the Country Living Christmas Fair.  It was really lovely to spend some time with her.  I do miss her being around.  Nice to see her and Huw are still so happy together.  I keep thinking how confident she is in her surroundings.  
The Fayre was OK, I am just not happy in crowds.  So many lovely things, and dinner out with Jose in the evening before and a wander around London looking at all the Christmas light.
Special time - I am looking forward to next year not being so skint so that a train ticket up to see her, even just for lunch is do able.
Tim and I went up to Scotland to see his Mum and sister.  Beautiful walks everywhere, Lily was in heaven and it was nice to spend some time away together.
This is the quilt Jose made for me for my Birthday, Christmas presents in the Making, my ginger assistant helping me!! and my attempt to feel Christmasey!!
I have been making this things, or starting things.....
But I did finally get some foxes finished, some hand hugs made to put in a friends pop up shop. 
Whilst sitting beside Jasper when he was driving to school I knitted Tim a hat. Nice simple project that I didn't need to take my eyes off the road.   
I have also been using Instagram on my phone, lots of inspiration and it is nice to see some of the people who used to blog on there. 
Knitted a hat and a sleeping bag thing for Ashley's bump (baby to be), finally got around to making my very long overdue swap.  I hope she liked it and am just so sorry I am so hopeless about getting things done on time.   
Stole photos from the J's facebooks..... but I do really love this one of Jose.
And Baby Arthur arrived.  all 8lb 4oz of him.  Big sister Rose seems to have settled into the role quite happily.
And Lily is just Lily, digging hole is other peoples gardens, finding mud to wallow in and swimming at any chance she gets. 
Marmalade?  Well relaxing of course, as only cats can and helping with a spot of crochet.. 

It has been nice to make a few things.  but I need to concentrate in sorting this house out.  Keeping what I need to keep and ditching stuff I haven't used or even remembered I had in over 6 years. 
Because from the end of January I'm going to take the big step of moving in with Tim and have the most enjoyable process of making this cottage feel like my home. I can't wait.
But the sad this is that Poppy Cottage will have to go on the Market as I have done my sums and I can not afford to keep it and rent it out as I had first thought I would be able to.

So an end of an era, but the start of an exciting new chapter in this life of mine.

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