Monday, 2 July 2012

Sisterly love!!

Staying down with my sister for a few days. She had a small op today, she's fine just needed a bit of TLC and company. Books, crochet (I am making Tim a blanket for his birthday - this man likes craft stuff, can it get better?????) peace and quiet along side PJ's.

Strange choosing colours for a blanket that are outside of you own personal comfort zone.

Also found a lovely magazine in WH Smiths for £4.95, Noro. Some lovely patterns as well as the history of the yarn.

Whilst I was waiting for Tracie I went into a shop called the range and found a stamp pack that had my friend Nicki's name written all over it do to speak. She likes birds and is really fond of keys.

I love it, first day oh July and the weather is rubbish!'


  1. Hi Colette, fun shopping, cool crocheting, sisterly love, what more could one ask for!
    Hope you are well

  2. The crochet blanket is looking gorgeous!!!

    Jodie :)

  3. Hope your sister is OK now - it's bad really when you are curling up with books, magazines and crochet in July! Sounds more like a late autumn/winter thing to do - this summer has been rubbish so far hasn't it? I'm knitting, stitching and doing family history which I don't usually have much time for at this time of the year.

  4. It looks like your having a love cosy time on the sofa together.. wish I was there with you two! :-) I could join in with the pyjama club! :-) Blankets looking really lovely, very nice 'man' colours! xxxxx

  5. Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket, it's looking good so far!

  6. Lets hope that the sun comes out and you don't need that blanky till its finished. xxx

  7. I too long for some sun, enjoy the rest with your sister hope she gets over opp fast.x

  8. Thank you so much for looking after me, and it was nice to have some sister time
    Love you lots
    Tracie xxxxx


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