Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sheep, pride and a trial.

When I finish this shift in the morning this will take me up to 55 hours this week, 36 of them being night shifts! I am pooped, out of sink and dreaming of a nice job working 9 to 5 in the day time. (I am very lucky to also have had a stint in the wool shop this week as well).

But I did have a relaxing evening yesterday and had a lovely walk with lily last night and it was with tonnes of pride that I saw how lily was with sheep. Dead chuffed. She didn't even bat a eyelid.

The other thing I am doing is trying out some new needles for Rosie. They are knit pro Cubics I find that they feel odd to start but knit up really nice.

Hope your weekend has been enjoyable x


  1. Aah,what a good girl Lily! Bella would have chased that sheep for sure. :0)

  2. very interesting needles! they look like they might be tricky to knit with, but definitely eyecatching! x

  3. Awww I have a daughter called Lily and she is such a soft little one your dog Lily is the same it must be in the name. Love the needles xx

  4. Ohh sorry your so tired , but intresting needles !!! I'm not sure if you've got my email , it keeps coming up with a server error , but a big thank you from me to you for the hooks . I adore the clover and the bamboo is lovely too , I've linked you this evening on my blog .Your such a kind and generous lady , thankyou .x Hope you get some rest soon with kind regards Tracy .

  5. I've just bought a pair of cubics - sock size. They're nice to knit with.


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