Tuesday, 24 July 2012


These little booties are made up of six squares of garter stitch, sown together. It is surprising how time consuming they turned out to be.

Finished them off today shouldn't babysitting the wool shop.

Bridport is soooo hot, still, shouldn't complain, crazy to think just over two weeks ago we had the most awful floods and landslides.


  1. How pretty are they! ohhh they are gorgeous I love them x

  2. Oh these are soooooo adorable!!

  3. These are lovley, graet colour pink too xx

  4. Ohh' Wish' you did these in big girl sizes..hehe!
    They are adorable and I love babies dressed in knits!
    Found you through LBF above and love that you knit for a wool shop, how fab is that.
    Have a lovely Autumnal weekend.
    Love Maria x


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