Saturday, 30 June 2012

VERY proud (again)

My fastly growing up young lady has just heard that she has achieved a Merit in her Level 3 Diploma in Fashion Retail.
 And is now back home for the summer....
 After her and Huw got back from their holiday.
 You want so many things for your children especially as they turn into young adults and head off into the world.
Good grades, happy times, you want to keep them safe and protect them from the outside world.  See them happy and hear them laugh.

To witness your daughter form a relationship with such a nice person, who (as a mother I can say this) has without a shadow of a doubt has been brought up in such a lovely way is all I can ask. (wish you could pass on some tips to Jasper Huw)

I have always realised that I have been very lucky to have two very grounded, bright, beautiful children (I am allowed to be totally biased!!) neither one has (so far - please!!!!) gone off the rails with the dreaded Drink or drugs, for that I am always so very grateful to have, what I think, is a pretty good relationship with both of them.

Well done Jose with getting such a good grade and thank you for making me so very proud of you.


  1. Congratulations my lovely Jose!!!!

  2. Does he have a brother for my gorgeous girly? Well done Jose. xxxxx

  3. you are indeed very lucky to have two such gorgeous children. xxxx

  4. Well done to your daughter and also you have brought your daughter up well by teaching her Mr Right and Mr Wrongs :)hence why she has made sure she got a good one x

  5. No wonder you are proud of your daughter - well done Jose. It's great when your children find partners that you really like isn't it? Huw looks a nice young man.

  6. And I'm so happy for you!! It's a mother's dream come true isn't it!


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