Saturday, 30 June 2012

VERY proud (again)

My fastly growing up young lady has just heard that she has achieved a Merit in her Level 3 Diploma in Fashion Retail.
 And is now back home for the summer....
 After her and Huw got back from their holiday.
 You want so many things for your children especially as they turn into young adults and head off into the world.
Good grades, happy times, you want to keep them safe and protect them from the outside world.  See them happy and hear them laugh.

To witness your daughter form a relationship with such a nice person, who (as a mother I can say this) has without a shadow of a doubt has been brought up in such a lovely way is all I can ask. (wish you could pass on some tips to Jasper Huw)

I have always realised that I have been very lucky to have two very grounded, bright, beautiful children (I am allowed to be totally biased!!) neither one has (so far - please!!!!) gone off the rails with the dreaded Drink or drugs, for that I am always so very grateful to have, what I think, is a pretty good relationship with both of them.

Well done Jose with getting such a good grade and thank you for making me so very proud of you.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Finished in time. Think they might be a bit tight width wise but at least they are done in time for the prom.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Prom socks.......

I wish my son had little feet. Another inch or so to go. I'm size 8 but Jasper is a 10/11. Glad these are double knit but on a 3mm needled they are
Taking a while. I bet 50p he'll put his toe through them during the night. This is Jasper we are talking about!


Monday, 25 June 2012

Spuddling - is that a word?

A happy evening spent cutting coasters and drilling buttons and talking about plans and possibilities. And today, taking a moment out to walk Lil and take in the view.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

This and that

 My friend Rosie, who owns Bridport's Wool shop, Yarn, invited me for supper a couple of weeks
ago.  Next to where I was sitting was this......

I was itching to make something with the colours.  It is carpet yarn, which although it is not very soft has the most beautiful colours.  So I asked to borrow a hook...
 And a 'Lucy' bag was born
 See, very earthy colours, just my thing.
The other thing I have going on in my head is Tim is making Shepherd Huts and is displaying one or two at the Melplash Show, it is our local Agricultural show, held down West Bay at the end of August (yes it nearly always rains)

So I am helping Tim kit out his hut.  I though about putting some cushions in the hut that are made out of either Local or British Sheep breed wool.  I really want to use some of the Shetland wool I have got from my friends Ellen and Adam Simon.  Anyhow I made a start.  But I have a pair of socks to produce for Jasper as part of his prom get up.
 Here he is trying on his suit, and trying to decide what shoes to have.  Boy I thought girls were fussy when it came to proms!!
Tim and I have away days out walking in Devon, we tend to head for places with rivers as a)Lily loves water but more importantly b)she has a tendency to over heat, her internal thermometer is a bit faulty, well we can all be perfect.
Lily is enjoying spending time at Tim's house as well. (she has him wrapped around her little paw)
 Mind you, who wouldn't.  In the middle of no where, no neighbours, mains or internet.

If all keeps one going as well as it is, the plan is I move in next Spring and rent out Poppy Cottage. Life is short and we don't get second chances.  Anyone interested in renting a lovely little cottage in the Market town on Bridport?

No internet or phone line?? Think how many hours a day I would day I would save... 
The J's seem to be ok with this idea.  And after all that is paramount.
(What is going on with our weather?)
 This man even cooks for me!!
 Romantic candles are actually a necessity unless you want to put the generator on.  It takes three to give off enough light to be able to knit prom socks.

 Fresh caught Mackeral, tea, fresh bread, salad.....
Think I'm in heaven!!

Jose is home for the summer on Sunday.  I am really looking forward to spending a bit of time with her.  Mind you ask me that in four months time!!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Spending time with special people

Mum, Natalie and I went to spend a couple of days with my other sister, Tracie. I fell in love with The Lost Gardens of Heligan. My head was full of so many ideas when I came away.

It was also nice for Mum to have all three of her children all together.

I am learning how to blog from my new phone. Mainly because it is a nice way to keep a picture diary for me and to keep in touch with family.

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