Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Making a few bits and bobs

Have had a few days off and really feel like I have managed to recharge my batteries.  Had lots of plans to do lots of sorting out but housework, gardening, walking Lily and putting the house back together after a month of Jasper and two extra dogs seems to have taken up more time then I thought.

Also you know the feeling.......start sorting something out, find something that you had forgotten about or a pattern you thought you had lost........maybe you should just give it a go.......

Think we have all been there.

I have been making a few bits and pieces along the way too.  Some things for my sister, Tracie to sell on my behalf at the craft Fayres she does in Cornwall and also a few bit to sell in the wool shop I help out in sometimes.

Jasper's pup Whinnie and Smudge came to stay, I think Lily had mixed feelings about sharing her home and her Mum.....

Half and hour each mitt. I prefer the ones on this blog though
Using up the 'stash'

Simple scarves for my sisters stall (I have to admit to not wanting to be seen dead in one)

Pop poms for the wool shops window display.
Other then that not a lot has been going on in this bit of Dorset.


  1. Blimey you've been up to a lot lately. I quite like your scarf, I bet you'll sell all of them. xxx

  2. all lovely goodies, am sure they will sell well! xxx

  3. Lovely makes!
    I can't find your address in any of my folders, finally got around to posting the giveaways from January!!
    Yours could even arrive at your place this year! LOL!
    Please e-mail me with your address and give me a clue as to your preferred colours to wear or craft with and if you'd like some of my earrings or bracelets or necklaces to wear/swap or gift to someone and I'll do my best to fulfil your wishes. I only use gold or silver-plated ear studs or hooks and they are nickel -free, let me know which colour and type of earring fitting you prefer.

    I hate those scarves too but, appreciate the beauty and simplicity of them.

    Sandie xx


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