Thursday, 19 April 2012

Disappointed in the lack of mention in your blog.....

Well, I have never been one to miss up on a dare........

Easter holidays are over, I have had Jose back from London for a few weeks, and I have to say I love my daughter more and more each time she comes home.  She has grown into the most lovely, happy, kind person (she has always been lovely, kind etc, but twin that with happy and growing up is pretty darn nice.
I think this is part of the reason.......
Not the best photo, but then again making pom poms isn't a very photogenic past-time.

As a Mother, all we want for our children is for them to be happy.

So for me, to hear Jose so happy, to hear her laugh so much, to know that she is entering the world of relation-ships with this young man who treats her well, respects her, makes me really happy.

See Huw, she'll kill me!!

Shame some of your manners can't rub off on her brother!!

Who also has embarked on the relation-ship road.

Dear Lordy, I feel mighty old!!



  1. Much love for this post Colette! :P I'm sure Josie will be on the warpath shortly,
    Love Lottie X

  2. In this post I can see my future - or at least what I hope will be the future for my daughter! She is yet to embark on relationships but I know it's coming soon. How does her father cope? My OH already bristles when boyfriends are mentioned and she hasn't even had one yet! I pity the poor boy, who ever he maybe!
    Alex x

  3. She's going to killll you! I bet she'll hack into your blogger account to delete the post! haha I'm so so glad she's happy. :-) xxxx

  4. Yep, its a whole new world this late teenage stage! Never mind their relationships, hows your love life? xxxx

  5. I had to smile. Mine are yet to enter that stage, but I'm quite looking forward to seeing them find a happy other half. The grandchildren can stay away for a few more years though...!!

  6. I have just found this blog from following through someone elses "Blogs I Follow".... blog land is a bit stalkerish isn't it!?

    As the owner of a 9 month old goldie and having had her first season now is decision time... puppies or no.... I am totally in love with your Lily and her babies!!


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