Tuesday, 14 February 2012

All growed up!!

Where have 18 years gone?  Jose was 18 on the 27th January and my Mum and I travelled up by train to see her.  We stayed over on the Thursday night after seeing the show Wicked and decorated her kitchen before she came out of her room......well, I say before she came out of it Jose tried to sneek a look!! (nothing changes, memories of many Christmas eve's and this eagled eyed little girl!!)

 The cake travelled up really well, Devil's food cake with home made American frosting, very posh and grown up!! (blimming lovely aswell!!)

It was so nice to see her.  And remind myself what a wonderful young lady she is turning into.  I count myself very lucky.

She acted as tour guide/escort for when my Mum, Dad and Grandad went to re-visit where my Grandad grew up.  But didn't fancy the eels, mash and liquor!

I'd love to have seen my Grandad coping with the tube.

I had prepared this post ages ago but then blogger froze on me and I lost (or thought I had) it.  I don't know about you but I do prefer the way to old blogger worked.  I am not one who likes change.

I look at these photos and wish so hard that I could have my time back and play more with my kids.  Someone I knew from years ago asked me what age your children grow up and reach that 'I can do it on my own, your sooooo embarrassing Mum'.  Her son is 10 and still loves spending time with her.  I told her to make the most of it as once it is gone you never ever get it back, their lives seem to change so much, so quickly.  I know I wished it away, for the prospect of peace and quiet, less washing, no fighting but I would say there is not one day that i don't have a little moment (Jose - don't worry I am not getting soppy, I think this is a normal Mum thing) where I wish that I could just have that moment back just for a second, to open their bedroom door at night and see that sleeping child knowing that they are safe and warm and with me.


No more soppy-ness.


  1. I sooo wish I could have come up with you for Josie's birthday, it would have been lovely to be there too.. But Rose and I are off up there on thursday which I'm so so excited about. :-)


  2. This post is so lovely, Wiggle is so grown up, where have all the years gone? Wish i could have been there, and i love the photo of Wiggle and Dooks on the tube.

  3. I'm loving the 2nd photo. Your Jose looks lovey and I bet she was so excited to see you. Happy belated Birthday Jose x

    As for blogger, don't get me started! All the blogs I follow keep disappearing and I then miss posts...what the bloomin heck's going on?


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