Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Today I baby sat........

I touched nearly EVERY ball 
lined them up and put the ball bands the right way up, well, that was my excuse to be able to inspect nearly every ball in that shop!! 
Sold lots of lovely wool - had a lovely compliment from a lady, managed to help people with questions, I am not as daft as I think I am!!
dreamt about making a blanket out of this.... (but I think Rosie has banned me from buying any more wool for a while!!) 
or this...... 
had an idea for this...... 
and this....... 
had to get out all of this and put it back....... 
just because I could!!!! 
Thought of my feet in socks made out of this......
not too sure about this.........  
shall I confess to pretending for a moment it was mine?
found the exact pattern a lady wanted - amazing as I didn't know where to look. 
And want to make a blanket out of this, no, in fact I am going to make one out of this!
Because I can!!

But the day lost it's lovelyness when I heard that one of the resident (joint 2nd on my 'we shouldn't really but you can help it' favourite list) of the home where I work died last night.  

The down side of my proper job.

x x x


  1. What a brilliant way to feed your addiction without spending! I can't knit but this shop would make me buy something I reckon.

    Sorry to hear the sad news about one of the residents at work, kinda brings you back down to earth with a bump doesn't it x

  2. You naughty girl touching all those balls :-)

    So sorry to hear about the lady you lost, it is heartbreaking when you lose someone you feel close to :-(

  3. Sounds like the perfect day, as much yarn fondling as you want!! :D
    I'm sorry to hear about your resident.. xxx

  4. Wow what a beautiful looking wool shop....I bet you were very tempted!
    Sorry to hear about the lady passing away, I can see it being a sad part of the job you love so much.

  5. You were in wool heaven there weren't you!
    So sorry to hear you lost someone dear to you.

  6. Did you offer to work there for free? You could move your bed in, and fall asleep cuddling all the wool and dreaming of wool heaven...lol.


  7. What a gorgeous wool shop - I`d have fondled all the wool too and I don`t even knit[well not for a long time ]-looking at that though makes me want to start up again !

  8. How marvellous to be able to spend a whole day in a wool shop! I love that Noro yarn, such gorgeous colours.

  9. Sorry that you've had sad news but I'm so glad everything else seems to be going well for you, what a fantastic place to work - I'd have had every ball out to squeeze too! The only downside can be that you tend to spend your wages on the stuff you're selling - that happened to my eldest when he worked in a gaming shop in the run up to Christmas - he earned £240 altogether and spent half of that on games from the same place!
    The shop where I work has just started stocking a little bit of wool and running knitting groups which is very exciting for the crafty ones among the staff, but we're sadly not allowed to turn ourselves into a complete wool shop! xx

  10. Oooh, kids and sweetshops spring to mind...

  11. Quiet giggling happening at this end. Oh I know those feelings so well!! I think most of my pay went back into yarn when I worked in a yarn store. It was the wool fumes, I say. It is the ideal heavenly workplace isn't it!

    I'm sorry to hear your sad news though.xx

  12. Wow, what an fabulous looking wool shop, oh I bet it was wonderful and I would have been just the same!! xx Sorry about your news. When I was a carer we always had faves and its so sad when you lose them xxx

  13. Ah that's a shame about the resident dying, I don't suppose that ever gets any easier for you. Thank goodness you are there to look after them at the end of their lives. V exciting about the wool shop (now Bridders needs a patchwork shop!) Thanks v much by the way, for the recommendation re the basting gun, I think I am going to have to buy one...
    Hen x

  14. Hi...looks like fun to be there amongst all the creative elements. I was wondering how you are going with my swap. Are you progressing. I also hope you found a good use for the baskets i made for you.

  15. Hi,
    Thank you for your so sweet and thoughtful comment on my blog. It means a lot to me.
    Gosh you were lucky to baby sit that shop. All those wool around! OMG!!

  16. Ooh how lucky you are to spend a day with all that wool .... I always joke that if I won the lottery I'd open a wool shop....it would be bliss!!!

    Fleur xx


  17. Strikes me as THE perfect babysitting job. I trust the yarn didn't kick up a stink at bedtime?


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