Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Making Stuff......

My friend Nicki asked if I would make her a fox for her birthday, we were looking through this site when she saw it.
 Before I say yes next time, please remind me to look and check it isn't in 4 ply!!!
 But saying that I enjoyed knitting Mr Fox and her face on her birthday was soooooo worth it, it was one of those warm fuzzy moments when someone loves what you have made.
 So, brain started working as when I was putting him together I pinned his finished head on my jumper and liked how it looked so thought that I would make some fox heads as brooches to see if Rosie at Bridport's new wool shop Yarn,  So far I have decided on knitting them on a 2.5mm needles (bloody small!!) as this makes a better sized head.  I was talking to my sister about crafts to sell and said about how yes it is really lovely to be able to make something quickly to sell but in reality, things need to look top notch and like they have had time and effort put in, to really catch people's eyes and make them part with their hard earned cash.  Especially now with so many people selling their stuff on Etsy etc.  (Hope you didn't take it personally Trace, it was just a general conversation xx)  I often look at things for sale and wonder how come someone has the courage to put a price tag on.  You know when you can see that something hasn't been sewn really well.  Maybe I am just too fussy. Anyhow, shut up Colette !! Back to the fox..... so far I have knitted three heads and hardly touched the ball of wool!!  I need to know how many I can make out of one ball.
 This is the pin cushion i made to go in Josie's Sewing basket.  I really loved making it and thought I would make some more.  I have plenty of fabric and ribbon to use up!!
 Years ago I covered an old sewing basket with flower fairy fabric for Jose.  For her 18th I re-covered it with New York fabric and put some bits and bobs in, including a pin cushion and a needle case made with fabric from her textile course work and I brought Chanel ribbon (how can they charge SO much for a mtr of 1 cm wide ribbon with some writing on it?????)

 I did enjoy putting it all together.
 Been playing with yarn at the same time as doing my NVQ 3 course work!! (FINISHED!!!!!!!!!)

 Winding wool for my sisters Birthday Present - I can show it as I made her open it early!!!!
(I was way too excited )

I put together a kit to knit a throw, but there is enough wool to make it either double of to make a few.

And I have really had fun playing with a pom pom maker.  
 And experimented with a mouse (still awaiting his eyes, nose and whiskers)

 And lost then found my sock, just need to finish it - then do it all over again!!
I don't seem to sit down in the evenings and watch TV and knit as I work a few evening, or waste time looking, whoops!! I mean researching things on the internet on on blogs, when I think of how much I could do if I didn't spend so much time sat in front of my computer..........

I also have some really good news....... not only do I have a day (and night job) that I love sooooo much, but now also have a little job in the wool shop along with a blimming lovely man in my life!!!

How perfect is that!!  See 2012 is going be good!!


  1. Wow what a post, you sound very content with life ans I am pleased for you. You have been very busy and I love all the things you have made but especially the little mouse!

  2. You've made some lovely things, the fox scarf is great. Also great is that you've got someone nice in your life - Happy Valentine's Day:)

  3. Love your creations, you could start with a facebook page like I have, I am really enjoying selling that way.

  4. What a lovely post, it was so lovely to have you down, i think having a combination of an Etsy shop and facebook is the way to go. I really do love the mouse, brings a whole new meaning to the term 'computer mouse'.

  5. oooh, love those pretty pincushions..., and of course, the little mousie is very cute....

  6. Your crafts are beautiful, and you are immensely creative. you should have no hesitation at putting a price tag on any of those things (in fact, want that fox pattern now - know a few good candidates for it!). Congrats on finishing the NVQ, the new wool shop job, and of course finding a good man ;)

  7. I'm seriously in love with the fox scarf and I think it's a fab idea to create fox head broaches.From what I have seen of your work you should have the confidence as an excellent maker to put a price tag on your creations !.You go girl !!
    Enjoy the rest of your week Tracy .

  8. what a lovely post and all such brilliant news! Love all the pics and goodies you have made. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. I am sooooooooooooo glad!!!!!!!!!!! Thats FAB!!!!!xxxxx

  10. Ooh, I'm loving the fox and the mouse!! I think you could make a little bit of cash from your lovely flower brooches, do you remember the one you kindly sent me? Every time I wear it someone will comment how good it looks...I love it.

    The pin cushions are well made too...you talented lady xx


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