Sunday, 8 January 2012

It has been a good year for Jose, she moved away from home in September to London, started college, met Christian Louniutin, spent an incredible amount on his book to be able to do so, but when I think out it no more then two or three good craft books (although I do think smile when I think how much her feet must have hurt waiting in a queue wearing THE SHOES!!)

And she came home to sleepy Bridport for Christmas, worked nearly every day apart from Christmas day, Boxing Day and News years Day.  I think she must have spent more time in Waitrose then at home.

It is funny how life changes isn't it.  In September I couldn't wait for her to go, we had a typical teenager/mother relationship.  Now, three months later I have just put a totally different person on a train bound for London (with taxi money to get all that luggage back to Halls) and I am really going to miss her being around.  Thank you Jose for a lovely month.

Now to move into her Bedroom............


  1. I guess time together now is more precious than before when you were together 24-7 , It must be nice to catch up and gossip- I think kids often have to leave the nest and spread their wings before they appreciate their parents more!

  2. I'm so glad you really enjoyed having Jose back for Christmas. I can't believe how much she has worked!!
    I bet she was sooo happy to be back in London!

  3. Glad that Jose is enjoying her new life - it's amazing how teenagers suddenly start turning into normal human beings as they get towards 20:)


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