Sunday, 4 December 2011

Getting there

The opening of the new wool shop in town saw the blanket I was making turn into a bag - the reason? Well the new wool shop sells some fantastic yarns and the thought of not being able to buy any for yonks didn't appeal to me.  All I need to do is line it.  I finished sewing together on a night shift at work.

I have managed to loose a stone - the room behind is all tidy and sorted out.  My big sister came up from Cornwall and we blitzed, sorted, chucked away so much stuff.  All the craft stuff I decluttered went to My sister or my niece so nothing important got chucked.  I have to say that is it lovely having a really sorted out craft area/bedroom.

Started a pair of socks to keep in my locker at work - trouble is not the best colour to knit when your eyes are tired on a night shift when you get a chance to sit and knit.

Turned a child's tee-shirt into a bottom coverer.

Walked with my girl on my local beach - well I walked, she swam!!

Watched my boy play some of his County Rugby matches.  He finds out mid December if he has got through to the next stage. (he is the one with the no 2 on his shirt)

Ashley and Rose came to watch him too.  She has grown up so much.  Seems strange to think this time last year she was just a big bump.

Spent a couple of Days with my sister in Cornwall which was so nice and relaxed.

Lily and I headed for the beach each day.  An almost deserted beach is so good for your head.

Tried - in vain - to get some peace to sleep after a night shift - yes seriously that is how he sleeps with me, head on the pillow, snuggled under the duvet.

And the rest of the house has had a good sort out too.  Will do the rest after Christmas, but Poppy Cottage is slowly getting sorted and tidy.

Have to say I do love this space - but waste too much time on Pintrest and reading blogs, filling my head with more ideas!!!

Listening to Christmas Carols, to get me in the mood when making presents.

(Even Jasper's room is tidy)

And started so Christmas presents - using up wool I had in the cupboard!!!!

The local paper had a couple of nice photos of Jasper.

As a much of a fearless lad who plays Hooker, I have to say I am really glad he is now wearing a scrum cap.

ANd Now this is on my table, needing to be assembled.  Every year Mum has a diary, covered in photos of the past year.  It is so much easier since Facebook (the only thing I think it is good for!!)

This year I am using Modge Podge instead of the dreaded sticky back plastic, so did a sample run on an old diary, really pleased how it looks.  So had better go and get sticky!! 

Hope your all OK and enjoying the run up to Christmas.



  1. Its all looking good!! You are on a roll! Lovely to see you xxxx

  2. Hello honey,
    My goodness what a long post, and i am glad that my helping enabled you to sort your craft room, it was my pleasure, especially the 'nice piece of cake'. I do like your bag, it is amazing what you can do on a night shift, i know when i work a night my bag contains so many WIP. Jasper is growing up so fast, doesn't seem five minutes since he was a little boy! I do love that picture of Carne beach, and that isn't too bad a picture of me and Copper.
    Love you lots
    Your big sis.
    P.S now on the look out for a feline friend.

  3. That was so annoying, I just wrote a massive comment on here and then my internet died and I lost it all!

    What a a lovely post, I'm amazed at how brilliant the house is looking. You must have worked so so hard... time for a rest over Christmas now!

    I had a lovely time when I came back to Dorset and really enjoyed watching Jasper play rugby, it was helped by the fact that Rose slept through the whole match also..!

    I love that photo of you and Marmalade... one day I WILL have a cat!! lol

    Love Ash

  4. Nice to include anything about your daughter in this. Just because I've moved to London doesn't mean you can forget about me :(

  5. I enjoyed this post and just love your cat under the duvet
    I am your new follower and look forward to your visit

    Helen Tilston

  6. You don't look old enough to have teenage kids. Loved that photo of the beach. Very nice! Glad to see you having crafty fun. xx

  7. Love the bum warmer,great idea, Love the diary idea too,happy holidays,love juliexxx

  8. Lovely post. Just wanted to pop by and wish you a very happy new year. x

  9. Hi!
    Thanks for your nice post about my cardigan :)
    Wish you a happy new 2012!

  10. Gosh -you have been busy ! Your cat made me laugh as we have a similar problem with our dog -who waits until we fall asleep and sneaks into our bed for a cuddle and a warm ! Loved the bum warmer and the diary cover-clever ideas I might pinch ! Happy new year to you and your family x


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