Saturday, 15 October 2011

Growing so fast

Someone seems to be enjoying the London life very much, it suits her, she sounds happy, excited, alive

But it was nice (lovely) to see her when she came back for a whistle stop visit last weekend.  I miss the J's being at mine, Jasper is only with me about once a week (but calls in to mine most days after school which is really nice)  I spent years dreaming of this quiet, peaceful time, now it is here it isn't all it is cracked up to be.  I have to re-learn to be me.

Ash & Rose - I can't get over how much Rose is changing and growing up either.

I haven't got a recent photo of Jasper as I am banned from his facebook - he blocked me and his Dad!!

But this was the local paper's write up of a recent rugby match. The best I can do on the Jasper front. 

Bridport took full revenge
Swanage and Wareham Colts 24 Bridport Colts 38

Bridport took full
revenge for last season's surprise defeat to the young Swans with this
six try victory. It was all the more impressive as they had only one
substitute and could field no under-18s against a full 22 man squad of
colts. They started with good pressure on their opponents and the
opening score came when Will Haggerty tackled a clearing kicker and
Mike Holden was on hand to intercept the loose pass and score under the
sticks. Although Swanage replied by getting the ball wide and
outflanking the defence, it wasn't long before the blues were back in
the lead. Bob Lester-Card's kick pushing the home side back to 10m from
their line followed by a textbook catch and drive straight off the
training ground, which would have had the coaches purring with
appreciation, Will Challis had his hands on the ball when the pack
crossed the line. They extended their lead when Jasper Mowatt picked up
from the base of the scrum and went outside the winger to score in the
corner. Once again Swans came back with a try of their own but Tom
White took the blues into the break with a fine score from close range.
Swanage started the brightest after the break using their bench to
bring on some fresh legs and it paid off when they kicked over the top
and won the chase to touch down. This only galvanised the blues and
James Hansford scored following a good run through several tackles by
Jason . Although the home side cut the deficit with a run from the base
of the scrum of their own, Jasper Mowatt had the last word for Bridport
when he scored with a carbon copy of his earlier try. Bob Lester-Card
added four of the conversions to complete a handsome win.


  1. That sounds familiar! My young lady has taken to university life like a duck to water as well! It's a great relief, even if she is so far away. Isn't it nice to have two young people who are doing you proud!

  2. Its a bit of a double edged sword - brilliant that they are happy and doing so well but sad that they are away from home. Xx

  3. Guessing the house still isn't tidy though...?
    Seeeeee!!! Wasn't ever uss!!! We are both OCD from you :P
    please stop posting photos of me Mummy dearest.... take them yourself if you must but don't pinch my profile pictures :P
    Love you xxx

  4. Aww... Josie's all grown up..! :P
    Josie you shouldn't have such poser-profile pics if you don't want them to be on here! :-) Your dark hair looks pretty though. xxx

    Lettie, enjoy having all of that space to yourself! Try to see it as a positive, you can have all your things how and like you want them, without anyone telling you otherwise..! It's just going to take some getting used to that's all.. xxx

  5. Hi, lovely to have stumbled across your blog! :o) I too have a daughter in London with a baby girl, I also have a 14 year old who has blocked me from her Facebook page!
    Your family are beautiful.
    Jess xx


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