Sunday, 25 September 2011

Today was spent watching my son at the second round of his County Rugby Selection. I had so much I needed to do at home, finish the front garden, make a start on painting Josie's bedroom floor boards but I remembered all of the things that I had written on my last post, all those things could wait but this was special, especially that he had said I could come along and watch him. I dressed smart (well for me), I hid the knitting in my bag and only did it when I knew he couldn't see me.

We all thought that as he had only been put in one match that he hadn't made the grade, but his was the fourth name on the list that was called out to play next week against Cornwall.

I am so very proud of this young man.

Thank you for such lovely comments that you left on for me on the last post. I know I am so very lucky and I am so very proud of both of my two young adults.

I know many of the blogs I read at the moment have posts about children going off to uni or college, but a week and a half down the line I have to say it is OK actually. Strange, peaceful and tidy, but I know Jose is fine, excited about the start of this journey that is her's for the making. And now I just need to get my head around MY life is mine for the making.

Well done Jasper xx


  1. It was certainly an honor to be asked along to watch-says it all really ! Must have been a very proud moment for you both I`m sure- lovely photographs !

  2. How lovely - and great pics - dont they grow up so fast! Xxxx

  3. what a lovely memory to have, and the photos are great!

  4. He's done his mum proud! You are right - the birdies are leaving the nest, but now you have the other, bigger half of your life to live, which you will continue to share with them, and enjoy!

  5. I always feel really sad when they go off - two this time! The house seems so quiet, but I know it is good that they are happy to go, and that they can't stay here forever.

    Pomona x


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