Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sleepless nights

Just need to be CLOSE to you Mum!!

You'd think that being single, having a whole double bed to myself would mean I would have undisturbed peaceful nights sleep, especially now I have moved back up to the attic away from a dog with separation anxiety issues (Lily)



The man in my life purrs.............. I am sure some of you would say that the man in your life snores..... (bet he doesn't try to sleep on your HEAD!! - actually we won't go there!!)

But mine purrs...............

Non stop!!!!!  All night!!!!

Shut him out I hear you say!!

Not a chance, he'll then keep you awake TRYING to get through the door!!

So Wei Siew, would you like to have some ear plugs sent xx


  1. So funny when I read this, our Charlie has in the past slept on the bed, and like your cat gets right up onto the pillow and snuggles on top of my head, totally pointless trying to get to sleep, maybe they like to be near "hair"!! When we moved into our new home we thought he would be lonely if he was downstairs in a strange place, so we had him up with us!! Daft aren't we? xx

  2. Have to laugh reading this, Willow lies all over me on the sofa..

  3. hahaha... don't you just LOVE having a cat's bum in your face!!


  4. i havent know a cat not to do that, its abit like having another child with all them sleepless nights x

  5. Just catching up - youve been really busy!!! Hope your girly settles well at Uni xxx

  6. So funny! :-) Mr Roly was being VERY annoying this morning purring all over me asking me to get up at 5AM(!!!) to feed him breakfast. When that didn't work, he went and bothered the teen kids too (evil snigger). My fault for not giving him his midnight snack before I went to bed... I had a cat once who could never make up her mind whether she wanted to be "in" or "out" in an air-conditioned room. Plenty of interrupted nights there. Ah, we're so tolerant of our furry companions, aren't we!?

  7. Ahhhhh so sweet, I bet he keeps your tootsies warm in winter, hubby snores, he would be much easier to sleep with if he purred, lol.


  8. Marmalade has no manners...... but he is totally adorable. He just cant understand why you dont want to chat all night!!!
    love Traciexxxxxx

  9. my old boy bob use to sleep on my head, but Lucy sleeps in between my legs and for such a tiny cat she weighs a ton!

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