Monday, 8 August 2011

Don't you just want to get in the car and hug her? I know I do!!

Rose is cutting her top teeth.  Out of all the photos that Ashley, her Mum, has sent me, this has to be my very favourite.  I just want to get in the car and go and cuddle her (also to give her Mum a break from the tearful teething - remember it well!!)

I am knitting her the cardigan, but in cream but I still have to decide on the edging.  I haven't attempted to do the multi coloured knits but with the purchase of all three Mission Falls baby books I need to so Mum is going to help me out there.  I didn't knit for Rose when she was little as I wasn't sure if it would be things that her Mum would like so made her a mini version of her Mum's Hug blanket.  Now, especially as Ash is now knitting I just know she'll like the things I make.  There is nothing nicer then knitting a cardigan for a baby - SO QUICK!! (can you tell I gave up on mine after 3 inches of the back!!) I have rubbish will power.

And Jasper's Puppy Whinnie has come to stay and play and play and play and play and play and play with Lily.  She is really lovely and I haven't felt sad (I lost my black lab, Daz, a couple of years ago) but I am SO glad that I haven't got a puppy full time (bit like I am glad the my two are no longer wee babes!!)

So today I planned to paint the front of my house, do loads of gardening, look at my NVQ stuff, but instead I am going to walk Lilly, do a bit of hoovering and chill as I am really tired. 


  1. Ahh bless! I remember my Mum giving my sister biccipegs when she was teething(can you still get those I wonder?) Yes,puppies(and babies) ARE hard work,I can vouch for that!
    Adorable pics. :0)

  2. sounds like a good plan!

  3. It would have been sooo nice if you could have come to hold her and give me a little break! Especially seeing as I took that photo in the early hours of the morning..!

    Thank you so much for knitting Rose here cardigan. She'll love it and so will I! :-) I'm very grateful.

    Love Ash

  4. That photo of Rose broke my heart as she looked so unhappy, but i am glad that she is back to her smiling self. I too need to start knitting again..... and i know what you mean about knitting small people clothes.
    lovely post honey
    Tracie xxxx

  5. Oh, look at her little face! Love the cardi,be nice to see it done. My daughters puppy lives with us and although he is very very small he is such a handful!!!


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