Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sleepless nights

Just need to be CLOSE to you Mum!!

You'd think that being single, having a whole double bed to myself would mean I would have undisturbed peaceful nights sleep, especially now I have moved back up to the attic away from a dog with separation anxiety issues (Lily)



The man in my life purrs.............. I am sure some of you would say that the man in your life snores..... (bet he doesn't try to sleep on your HEAD!! - actually we won't go there!!)

But mine purrs...............

Non stop!!!!!  All night!!!!

Shut him out I hear you say!!

Not a chance, he'll then keep you awake TRYING to get through the door!!

So Wei Siew, would you like to have some ear plugs sent xx

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My daughter - Part two!! and Meet Ruby (and Rose)

Jose has worked her socks of this Summer holiday.  She finished school, ready for the transition to London in September.  Picked up lots of hours over time at Waitrose, and I really mean a lot of hours!!

And the incentive???????

Going to London with a healthy bank balance I hear you ask?

Nope, this, a bag.  Not just any bag, her very own Chanel bag.  To go with her glasses, filo fax and

Posh purse (her friends all clubbed together).

(befuddled?? bemused?? Yep, snap me too!! apparently it isn't just a bag, it is THE bag!!)

And do you know what?  Good on her.  Never will she have the opportunity of being 17, carefree and worry free.  She is off to study at London's Fashion and Retail Academy.  The chance of a lifetime and I just know she'll do really well.  Well she has the bag!!

I know members of my family (and my friends) think it isn't the right thing to have done (her rent on her Halls is crazy - her Dad and I are paying half each - not sure if I'll loose weigh because I want to or because I will not be able to afford to eat!! Ha ha!!)
but I do understand it,
sort of,
and I know she is still going to have a good balance to take up with her, She'll be working at Waitrose in Bayswater so unlike some students she doesn't have to clamber for a job as soon as she gets up there.

We are very different, I do not understand the first bit about Fashion, I don't really want to, or have any desire to.

I just wish I had been home to see her face when it arrived this morning.

Just had to slip this photo of this gorgeous little girl.  Can't wait to see her soon.  They'll be down in a week or so, got to works out a day or two when I can get up there to see her as well.

An meet Ruby....
Too good an opportunity to miss.  She did belong to one of the girls at work, and now to me.  I hope I have done the right thing.  She has lots of miles but new head gasket, cam belt and water pump over the last year, so touch wood not much to go wrong.  I will be sad to get rid of my little green bubble as I love her even if my children don't but it will be nice to have a little bit bigger car again, also she has power steering.  I don't need to use my car very often now as one job is just behind my cottage.

I have also now finished all the bits for Rose's cardigan (but can't post a picture until it is finished, sent and received) so now just have to sew it all together.


That was a long one!!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Don't you just want to get in the car and hug her? I know I do!!

Rose is cutting her top teeth.  Out of all the photos that Ashley, her Mum, has sent me, this has to be my very favourite.  I just want to get in the car and go and cuddle her (also to give her Mum a break from the tearful teething - remember it well!!)

I am knitting her the cardigan, but in cream but I still have to decide on the edging.  I haven't attempted to do the multi coloured knits but with the purchase of all three Mission Falls baby books I need to so Mum is going to help me out there.  I didn't knit for Rose when she was little as I wasn't sure if it would be things that her Mum would like so made her a mini version of her Mum's Hug blanket.  Now, especially as Ash is now knitting I just know she'll like the things I make.  There is nothing nicer then knitting a cardigan for a baby - SO QUICK!! (can you tell I gave up on mine after 3 inches of the back!!) I have rubbish will power.

And Jasper's Puppy Whinnie has come to stay and play and play and play and play and play and play with Lily.  She is really lovely and I haven't felt sad (I lost my black lab, Daz, a couple of years ago) but I am SO glad that I haven't got a puppy full time (bit like I am glad the my two are no longer wee babes!!)

So today I planned to paint the front of my house, do loads of gardening, look at my NVQ stuff, but instead I am going to walk Lilly, do a bit of hoovering and chill as I am really tired. 
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