Thursday, 21 July 2011

Drop The Weasel

You know when you stumble across something, well someone who just is not only talented but nice into the bargain.

I think we have all met 'friends' through blogging, some that you get such a buzz when you see the work that is showcased on their blogs, that you wish more then anything that you had just an ounce of their talent.

Well, when that person then opens a 'shop' be it an online one, it is fantastic.

So Lizzie has opened her shop, Drop the Weasel.

Have a look, it is great.  I am already planning to do most of my Christmas shopping there, I know this year I just won't have the time to make much but still want to give gifts that are hand made.

I know what I am planning to get for my nearest and dearest especially after this week.....

A short story....

At one of the Care homes I work there is a lady, we'll call her G, she is wheel chair bound, has parkinsons and likes to spend a lot of her day relaxing on her bed, it eases the pain in her neck.  From her bed she can see a rail outside, upon that rail often sits a male black bird.  It is the high light of her day.  He hasn't been for a while, so when I saw Lizzie's birds on this post

I just knew that I had to buy the last one.

But not available!!!! 

It would have been perfect, so Lizzie made me another, totally perfect!!  It arrived so nicely packaged, (Lizzie's writing of address labels is also to die for!!!!)

I took it to work on Wednesday, G was having a bad day, the pain hard to cope with, but her face when she opened the box, must have been one of the chuffed moments in my life EVER!!

It is now hanging up above her door, from her bed she can see her very own black bird, even if her real one doesn't come, she has her other one to look at.

In fact I like it SO much, I brought myself the pink bird in the shop and asked for another black one - I haven't yet put in an order for another four black birds (sorry Lizzie, Can I have another four for Christmas???)

Treat yourself to something, it is worth it for the parcel that arrives on your door step AND the address label.

I'd travel for a workshop!!!!!!!!!!  Next year????


  1. Aaarrr, thanks very, very much for this post, you're so lovely.

    I must admit I get as much of a thrill wrapping the parcels as I do creating what's inside them. xx

  2. You're such a sweetie for cheering up the lady at your work. And thanks for sharing the beautiful handcraft of Drop the weasel. xx

  3. What a lovely thing to do. Ive already been over to Lizzie's and yes it's fantastic! Thanks for the link xx

  4. What a lovely post -- and what a kind thing to do.

  5. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, This is good and beautiful,,,

  6. That was such a kind thing to do - a really lovely gesture. I'm off to check out the shop now!

    Pomona x

  7. How very kind of you to give this bird to the lady. And what a great idea to give only handmade items at Christmas. I think I'm going to try that too.

  8. How kind of you to do something so thoughtful. It feels so good to do something nice for someone else.

  9. Your post is lovely, i love the stuff she makes....... and what you did was so totally you..... thats why you are so special xxxx


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