Saturday, 25 June 2011

Not a pair of wellies in sight!!

Hello.  I'm still on holiday from work, and, I have to say loving it.  last night was the first Friday night I have spent at home, not working, for, maybe six months (trying to think!!)

I spent it trying to keep two of Jasper's chicks alive, being Agony Aunt to a friends partner (they have just split up) and making tea,  bit awkward, as I can see it from both sides but don't like the way it has happened, but she is a good friend, so I just listened.  It was OK.

She has just very kindly made an e-book, have a look.  I have started making the mitts.  I never knew you could make a rib with crochet!!! Opens up a whole new world!!! Boy I must get out more!!

It is one of those skeins of wool that costs a bloody fortune and you don't know what to do with it but your HAVE to have it!!

Then I have finished these, made with yarn prom a swap from this lady.  Boy I wish I could see her knit, she knits SO much and SO fast!!

It is so soft, made with possum fibre.

sewed in the ends of this............ pattern from here.  So easy.

Quality controlled checked by the man of the house!!

And now I am sat in the warm, with a cup of coffee, making Mum's birthday present (an alpaca version of the cowl) with warm dry feet (Sorry Jose) watching Glastonbury.  I can SEE the bands, I can HEAR the bands, I haven't had to walk miles to get to a different stage, I have just clicked a mouse (talking of mice, just caught the blighter who had taken up residence in the kitchen dresser!!).

Josie and both of her Aunts (my sisters) are wallowing in mud as I type this!!

Mumford and Sons, think I am in deeply in lust with the lead singer!!! If I was 20 years younger...........


  1. Off to that blog link ..... going by the weather this morning shall be needing some warm mitts! With you on Glasto too .... never been a festival type of gal but seriously thinking of putting it on my bucket list and with you on M & S .... we can still look ;-)

  2. great mits glad they got past quality control!

  3. Love the Julia Croccland mits, they're lovely. but prefer the one's you knitted on DPN's.. I'm proud to say I knitted about 3 rounds for you! Even if it was too tightly... oops! Sorry!

    M&S lead singer is pretty gorgeous have to say! I was surprised that I quite liked the music..!

    The book is called Cute and Easy Crochet and it's got a tea-cosy on the front cover, the one with roses on the top of it. I think there are also crocheted jar decorative things on there too..


  4. I can't help it! I've ended up watching Coldplay at Glasto on the tv! PLEASE don't wake up Rose!! I don't actually have the book Lettie.. you did read the bit where I wrote that I only had the pattern from the magazine, yeah?


    PS - You go to bed yourself!! :-)

  5. Agree with you totally on Mr Mumford! OOOO Young man!!! Glad your back. xxx

  6. I am a massive lover of those fingerless mittens! Don't they look gorgeous - and I am a purple fan too - perfect! x


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