Sunday, 26 June 2011

I have one very happy young lady

So you make your way to the front of the Pyramid Stage, in the heat of the day to stake you place a little after 1pm, armed with a hat and a bottle of water, you listen to some very strange bands, Paul Simon, not your cup of tea at all, then you make it to the barrier RIGHT at the front!!!!!
Your Mum is at home watching, catches glimpses of your happy, HAPPY, face, watching your heroine.

(OK, have to admit that when she then did this, mixed feelings, one of knowing that Jose must have been fit to burst, second that my baby was against the barrier, what happens if the crowd pushed forward - Hey I am a her mother, it is my job to worry!!)

And then the phone call to say Beyonce was cm's away from her.

On very happy camper.

And boy what a show that woman gave.

Now I am just thinking of all the washing that is going to come home tomorrow!!


  1. Thats amazing!! Bet she was thrilled to bits!!! There can't be that much washing as they have to carry it an awful long way!!! xxxx

  2. How exciting for her - she'll be talking about this encounter for years to come :0)

  3. Brilliant! I'm amazed that anyone gets to see anything at all at Glasto it's sooo packed.

  4. You'll have to go along next year! :0)

  5. Lucky girl, my daughter went to Glastonbury years ago and it rained - a lot! She had fun though. Have to say I'd rather listen to Paul Simon than Beyonce but there you go:)


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