Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Back again....

This is A HAPPY Rose!!!  She normally seems to cry when I see her!!  She is growing so fast and, as far as babies go, is adorable.

And this is my totally un-spoilt four legged daughter (well that is how it feels!!)

Lots have happened lately (seems to be going at that pace around this cottage at the moment), Jose passed her test (can't remember if I posted about that last time) She only started to drive at the end of Jan, paid for most of her lessons herself, taking her test the same day they lost their Dog, Ned.  It must have been so hard to keep it together with such a sad heart).

She has been off driving LOTS, even took her friends to North Devon for some festival.  Your heart is in your mouth when they are out on their own, it is ten times worse when they have two other people precious 17 year old daughters in their car!!  It isn't Josie's driving I worry about, it is all the other plonkers on the road!!

Jasper had work experience, the first two weeks her worked at a big local farm Estate, the second week he went to a Solicitors in town, boy did he look smart, his sister was on hand to offer fashion advice!!  Although this week she is off wallowing in Mud as she has gone with her Aunt to Glastonbury.  This should be interesting as Jose doesn't do getting dirty!!

My VERY smart young man!

Enjoyed feeding Rose, boy I am SO out of practice,(and plan to keep it that way!!)

Mind you just as well, you don't get much of a look in when Great Gran is around!! (now are you sure you are doing it right Ashley????  xxx)

And this..... is Whinney (don't ask) Jasper is buying his own dog, well chosen, little black girl.  I was really, really impressed by the breeder, and her dogs, the behaviour of the dogs was so good, and the Mum reminded me of Daz so much.  There is something about black labs.  I know that Jasper will be amazing with this pup, note to myself to encourage Mike to go off sailing more often, I get to babysit!!!  It is strange how nearly five years down the line, how we all seem to work, albeit in an un-conventional way.  Both J's have turned out to be pretty amazing kids, it could have so easily gone the other way.

Mike with one of the pups, a day in the car with him and Jasper (to see the pups) was a test of how much things have changed (suffice to say I was reminded why I have chosen to remain single all this time!!) but fair play, it must have been hard for him too.  He was totally smitten with the pups, I think he has found loosing Ned as hard as I found loosing Daz, Whinney will be a breath of fresh air for us all.

His Dad went to meet a friend so Jasper and I spent a good chunk of the day together, I hate shopping at the best of times, add my personal money minder (you don't keed that, you don't want that, nag, nag, nag) and I know why I don't like shopping either (well unless it is in a craft shop!!)

But Sunday saw me going to a local Country Fayre (boy, I really wish that I worked outside)

So as a bit of retail need (left over from the restrictive shop the day before) I just happened to call in at a craft shop on the way home, and it was rude to come out empty handed!!  -  Wasn't it?

Whoops!! Have since been back to get a further three balls for a cowl and a hat, preparation for winder you know!!

Lil and I have had some lovely walks as I am off from work this week,

Monday Mum and I went to Tiverton Canal.  Well we walked, Lil swam.

But she seems to have cut a pad on her back paw and is finding it painful to walk, so the plan to walk the Exeter Ship Canal tomorrow has gone on hold. 

Which means I will be at home, so a day of pottering and house work and finishing off projects is called for I think.

More of which will follow. 

But a question< why do we always leave sewing in the ends to last< how much better would it be to do it as we went along?????


  1. Wow, what a lovely post that was..!! I did smile quite a bit when you said about Nan. There are some lovely photo's there.. I wondered where you were when you sent me that pic of Lily swimming..
    Rose looks completely orange in the photo where you were feeding her!!

  2. Hello you! I tried to leave a comment yesterday but it shot off somewhere into a blog black hole!

    Blimey you have had a lot going on haven't you. Those pups are flippin cute to say the least. Did you manage to smuggle an extra one out? x

  3. Im so with you there about sewing in the ends. I always decide to do it as I go, but end up doing it at the end.

    I guess Im just too impatient to get on with the next bit.

    Your lil looks like my izzy.


  4. wow what a whizz through there! Welcome back and so much has been going on in your life!


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