Tuesday, 15 March 2011

To copy or not to copy.

First of all a Picture of Rose in a hat her Mum was part way through making for her.  isn't lovely (mind you she is pretty scrummy too)
I have actually got my act together and started to clear up around here.  The wool shed is now no longer full of wool but is ready to become my hide away from it all shed with my spinning wheel, or just somewhere tidy to go and sit. (read hide).  I chucked out stuff that was of no use to man kind or Colette and three bin bags later this is what I had.....

A tidy shed (last time you saw it it was full of playing puppies!)
This is the next thing on the to do list.
Not helped by frogs spawning in some of the most awkward of places!!
Now this is what my title refers to.  I saw a picture in this months Country Living Magazine and really liked it, but at £60 (and being able to do it myself) not an option. I don't know what size the original one is but I had just brought myself an Ikea frame so I had a play.  Fun too, I love doing needle felt anyway.  I searched the net for different needle felted nest/pictures and there are lots that do actually look very similar (well a nest is a nest isn't it - can't make it too different) so here is my question.
If you blog about something you have made and if you are showing how you do it or just showing the final item you are almost inviting people to 'have a go' or change it slightly to make something 'inspired' by what you have make.  Take all the things that Lucy at Attic 24 makes or the tea cozies that Alice makes, we all have a go at making the Granny Stripe blanket, things that we see made on the internet, or pictures in magazines.  I know that ages ago I saw a blog post and the blogger was having a really big moan about people making her owls and selling them.  But hang on she did sell the pattern!!  So does that mean that Mrs Bloggs in Dorset makes something and Miss Oz Blog sees it, is it OK for her to make her own version of it and sell it in her local craft store or should she not even if she is thousands of miles away.

I changed this, made it mine, either to keep or to give to a friend, I don't know.
See something else for my head to think about.

I don't know if any of that made any sense, If anyone sees something on my blog, I am happy for them to copy it, to make some and sell it (coz you can bet your bottom dollar I won't have got off my arse and done it!!) I'd be chuffed that someone liked what I had made so much that they wanted to make one too.  Just don't try to sell them in Bridport please!!

But on a lighter note have had very important letter officially offering me the new job!
Am slightly nervous now though.

Have a great week, the sun is out here and I am off to work.


  1. Adore that hat ! if they came in bigger sizes i would buy one from you ! saw the original article on the birds nest -love your version !

  2. Ah a true conundrum indeed me dear. Personally I'd go with copy it and be damned, but I guess that might well be the yearning of yours truly to be a pirate ah haa. Anyway, to continue there is the saying that imitation is the highest form of flattery and if a person such as your self has the skills and inclination then I say go for it, after all isn't almost everything produced these days a take or copy of something gone before? Hope this helps a tad, now where's that vessel of grog....


  3. Love the needlefelting, super picture.

  4. Oooh I absolutely love this and I'd buy one from you for my mum :) With regards to copying I often wondered what happens when someone buys a pattern (for example a knitted jumper) and then because they can't knit they pay someone to do it for them. Is this breaking the don't sell things made from my pattern thingy? It would mean that so many people would miss out and fewer patterns would be sold as not everyone can make the item themselves and it is very unlikely that the original seller of the pattern would be able to make finished items for everyone as well as design new patterns - just a thought. Rachael Xx

  5. I reckon little birds get pissed of that other little birds on the next twig make nests very like theirs---or not! I reckon go for it, I do agree it would be rude to sell and inspired product from the same platform as the inspiration, I could see how this might make birds want to peck each other in the eye!

  6. This seams to be a topic that can get quite heated. I don't think there is a 'right' answer, only opinions.
    The birds nest is gorgeous!

  7. It's not a copy, it's an interpretation. And I think the felted nest is completely fabulous!! I would love you to teach me that.

  8. I think there' s a famous comment....'All art is theft'...meaning that really there's nothing new, just new interpretations of the same old things!

    But my thoughts are:
    1) I think it's ok (in fact lovely) to be inspired by someone else's art. Surely that's just one of the things that art does isn't it?
    2) I don't think you'll sell your nests in the same place and (knowing you!) not for the same price either.
    3) We all do it...we see something and love it and think 'hmmmm, I can make that'. It encourages us to experiment and find new skills. It's the chance you take as an artist/maker...that someone will see something you've made and will basically copy it in some way.

    Each time someone new takes an idea and makes it theirs, it changes...even in a tiny way...and I think that's pretty exciting because that means we're all growing new art. How cool is that!!!??? x

  9. i think its lovely and its your interpretation so i wouldn't worry!!


  10. I love your birds nest! very apt for spring too.
    I am sure you will be fine in your new job.

  11. Congratulations on the new job!

    On the copying thing... isn't imitation the best form of flattery? I reckon it's only truly wrong if someone starts to make profit (and I mean, considerable profit) at the expense of the creator. That's where it starts to feel more like a rip-off than a compliment.

  12. Thanks so much for your message today, we're still just all in shock at the moment and it all seems so unfair, I'm sure time will help but no furry friend to cuddle is very hard indeed. You look like you're making real progress with all the clearing up and I hope you get to the end of it all - I've still got months and months to go at my mum's! xx

  13. And a very happy Easter to you my lovely xxx (eat loads of eggs...)


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