Thursday, 10 March 2011

A thank you and Wow!! A new job!!!!!

A few weeks ago I returned home to find the postwoman had delivered this.......
I knew from the writing on the envolpe that it had been sent from Lizzie at The Pea Pod
A total suprise.
How cool is this.  A spot of sunshine to brighten up a dull February.
Along with a stunning postcard showing some of Lizzie's work (remember my first Christmas presents of last year that never made it out of my cottage!!)
So I decided to put him in my porch - nice and safe, somewhere where I would see him every day when I picked up my gloves when I took Lily out...............
As you can see, he was a VERY happy bunny, but once I looked at this photo I thought I should better move him!!!!
So he ended up on my front door - perfect.
Just looking through my photos and came accross this photo of Mum (left) and my boss (middle).  This is what must happen when you hit 60+ you get a job as a cleaner with attitude!!
And thanks to a comment on my last post from Clara this young man is on cat food, like it or lump it!!  thank you so much for that Clara, I just never gave it a thought.
And a very good day taking my rubbish to the tip and coming home with someone elses rubbish for Joe's room.

On a totally different note............. I saw a job advertised in the paper and just rang up to find out about it.  Apparently how I sounded on the phone got me an interview, how I smiled and chatted got me an offer of a job!!! (before the interview had finished!!)  So now I am going to be a Senior carer in training at a residential home just at the back of my cottage.  From almost begging to be put on an NVQ 2 at the home where I work and by the time I start it I will have been there 2 years!! To walking into a job where they think I would walk the level 2 so are putting me straight on the 3, along with POVA, Health and Safety, Fire, First Aid and any other training I want to do straight away!!  But I am hoping that I can keep on my old job too as I couldn't imagine not seeing the residents, they become like your Grandparent's.  I think being a carer is more about a way of life, it can't be just a job.  So I am walking around a bit like a Cheshire Cat.  Maybe I should have a bit more confidence in my abilities. 

Have a great week!!


  1. I'm glad you liked the gift and wow what about your news that's fantastic - good for you!! xx

  2. Well....Well...Is'nt that strange, l've just opened a package from the postman. In it was a Quibbet..........I won it in a little competition, on the Tiny Oyster Designs Blog. Check them out...On....tinyoysterdesigns.blogspot.
    There really cute.....! :)

  3. Hey Poppy,
    My beloved Clare worked in a residential home for many years (now in the NHS) and everything you've said about being a carer rings true, hats off to you and anyone else who has your attitude for this job. Oh my and that 6th picture, a little close to the wood ;-)
    Best regards,

  4. aahh what a lovely parcel and wow on the job, well done that is fantastic! I know what you mean about not wanting to leave your other job, I work on an NHS ward and a lot of out patients stay a long time and are friends now.

  5. Congrats on the new job! Care work is very rewarding, only in non-financial way, which is a shame!

    Good luck and I hope you continue to enjoy your 'work'.

    Sandie xx

  6. Congrats onthe good news!! I think the job you do is amazing.


  7. Oh Wow what a great post, Congratulations on the new job and your also a lucky lady with a sunshine rabbit!


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