Thursday, 17 March 2011

She is back!!!

My lovely niece Ashley is back in the land of blogging!!!!

And you can see the finished baby's blanket that I made for Rose.

Have a look


  1. Woooo..!! I'm back! lol :)xxxxxx

  2. Hi! I've just discovered your blog and I absolutely melted seeing the pics of Lily and her puppies! Golden Retrievers are my favourite breed, can't wait to have a garden and a beautiful dog of my own... Love your blog!
    Greets from Belgium

  3. i think it is about time that you put up another post, miss reading them xxx

  4. Hello there! How are you? we haven't had a post from you in a while, I take it you're having a break for a bit. Thanks for leaving a comment the other day. My garden is much bushier these days but the bind weed is going crazy and climbing up everything :( I'll post some more photos soon.
    Take care my lovely x

  5. Hiya Lettie,

    I got a message from someone saying she couldnt access my blog from this post.
    I just thought I would write on here the correct address for my blog..



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