Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Catch Up.

I have finally finished my Jacob Granny stripe blanket.  Really please with it but had to edge it with Gotland wool as I had run out out the Jacob on the last stripe.  But all made from Devon/Cornish fleece. Now I have worked out how the camera on my phone works I will take a photo of the finished blanket this week.

 I started a small Attic 24 bag on nights, again, using 100% British wool.
 And finished it!!!!  Used the button my big sister gave me for Christmas.........

 I am pleased with it and also lined it.

 Took this young lady out for Dinner on her Birthday and had a lovely time.  (Jose has also started driving!!)
 The next day met my little Sis for her 31st Birthday.  Ate cake, drank coffee from a flask and had a lovely walk with Lily and Mum's dog Susie along Chesil Beach.

 Rose enjoying the hug blanket
 So really meant that she needed one of here own.  But I can't show you anymore until after the weekend.
 Enjoyed loads of walks with Lily.  Took Mum's dog along too.  I am not sure that Mum will let me again though.  Lily ended up with mud all up her legs and tummy, so you can guess the state that I returned Susie in to my Mum!!!

 My cat Marmalade (who is laying on my lap and left hand as I try to type this) has decided that he can only eat tuna in Brine.  Being not really a cat he doesn't do cat food!!!  No matter how expensive.
 And yesterday my little sister, My Mum and I went to see my Big sister in Cornwall as it was her Birthday.  We had such a lovely day.  I really do miss her so much.  She has started making stuff out of things that she finds on the beaches around her.  I'll get her to take some photos so that I can show you.
 Don't ask about the cake!!
 Off to the beach. Lily would have loved it.
 So nice to have Mum and us three girls together.  Really special.
 I saw a starfish and could have spent hours watching it.

I am so lucky to have such a lovely family.  Jose spent the day with Ashley and Rose.  And this weekend, Ashley is coming down to Dorset with Rose and Tracie is coming up to see them.  So it should be a nice weekend too.
I have started a granny stripe for Jasper. He doesn't want it but I want to make him a blanket so he doesn't really have a choice.  It will live on his bed.  Work is OK, sort of just keep your head down and get on with it.  You know the saying too many cooks............................

Bit miffed the Palliative care course that I was due to start on the 10th of March has been cancelled due to numbers but can't be helped.

The garden is starting to wake up and come to life and the Pea Pod sent me something to brighten up my day but the photo's of that are on the other computer (which isn't playing ball at the moment!!)  but it was such a lovely surprise.

Hope you all have a good week.

Colette, Lily & Marmalade
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