Saturday, 29 January 2011


You know when something just gets you deep inside.  I dare anyone to watch this and this and not cry.  To me my blog is not just about crafts and things I make, for me it is a way of sharing my thoughts and feelings too.  I think many of us who keep blogs find them a sort of diary, for me that is how I see it.  OK nothing personal (really personal) get put down here, but I do write about things that are going on inside my head.

In my job you shouldn't have favourites, but we are only human, and I think as long as you don't show it it is OK.  I no longer have a Nan or a Gran still alive.  I have a wonderful independent Grandad, and I know I am so so lucky. But there are a couple of residents who I have to say I adore. 

I also have been thinking a lot about where my life is going to go in the next few years.  I need my NVQ, without it so many possibilities are closed to me.  So I am looking into a way of doing it off my own back, as it looks like if I do it through work it won't be until September, two years after I started work there, but I also don't want to change jobs (that is one way I would get to do it straight away.)  Sorry I digress.  I saw a job advertised that floated my boat as they say.  But......yep you have guessed it Training, Qualifications, Experience etc etc.  But at least it is a start.  I have enrolled on a few courses that I have had to pay for myself, but that's OK, I think they will be interesting and will mean that I can't be a total hermit, you know, go to work come home, go to work, come home and so on...I will HAVE to meet people and I have got my name down to do a Certificate in Counselling, but that also starts in September, see why I need to do my NVQ now!! Phew!! An NVQ 2 in Gardening just doesn't cut it!!!

I just wanted to say that I have been so lucky in my life so far to never have had a loved on effected by Dementia.  Whatever life throws at me it is something I am so grateful for.


  1. You go for it, NVQ's take a while to get but as they are usually based on what you can do already they are great. Once you get your head round the jargon you will be well away :-)

    My husbands Grandad had alzeimers, he had it for years and it was sad seeing him leave us slowly. He stayed at home until the very last day and at one point the hospital wanted to do a brain scan as they couldn't believe how long he lived with it but, hubby's Nan looked after him that well :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I'm not sure what NVQ stands for, but the fact that you are developing yourself in a direction you want to go, is absolutely great.

  3. Good for you for getting on with your qualifications. For you. We're all here to offer our support.

  4. go girl sometimes we just spend to long thinking about things when really we should just go ahead if you can do it now than why wait. goodluck x

  5. Sometimes you just have to take that big step forward. Congrats in taking the plunge and all the best in everything you do.


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