Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Meet Baby Rose

On January 24th, baby Rose joined our family.  She is beautiful, just like her Mum

My clever niece Ashley gave birth at home in a water pool to Rose, all 9lb 3oz of her.

(I am even more chuffed as on Thursday it will be 17 years ago that I gave birth to my own 9lb 8oz Baby, also at home in a water pool.  I know what a special feeling it is to achieve a happy, safe birth at home, so am extra, extra proud of her - if that is possible)

Not that this wee baby girl will be spoilt by her 'Aunty' Josie or anything.

So yes a fantastic start to 2011.  Can it get better?????


  1. oh how lovely!

    she is a beautiful little flower too and look at her hair.. she is so pretty already. yes, just like her lovely mum.

    warmest Congratulations to Ashley and all of you ♥

    hugs xxx


  2. what a precious little angel. Of course she's not going to be spoilt at all!!!


  3. Welcome to the world dear little baby Rose! She's gorgeous! :0)

  4. Congratulations To Ashley and hubby - baby Rose is really sweet. Ashley did really well! xxxx

  5. What a beauty! Is there anything more precious than a new baby!!

  6. Congratulations to one and all- what a beauty! xxx

  7. Welcome to such a sweet little baby and lucky you to have another to cherish!


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