Saturday, 29 January 2011


You know when something just gets you deep inside.  I dare anyone to watch this and this and not cry.  To me my blog is not just about crafts and things I make, for me it is a way of sharing my thoughts and feelings too.  I think many of us who keep blogs find them a sort of diary, for me that is how I see it.  OK nothing personal (really personal) get put down here, but I do write about things that are going on inside my head.

In my job you shouldn't have favourites, but we are only human, and I think as long as you don't show it it is OK.  I no longer have a Nan or a Gran still alive.  I have a wonderful independent Grandad, and I know I am so so lucky. But there are a couple of residents who I have to say I adore. 

I also have been thinking a lot about where my life is going to go in the next few years.  I need my NVQ, without it so many possibilities are closed to me.  So I am looking into a way of doing it off my own back, as it looks like if I do it through work it won't be until September, two years after I started work there, but I also don't want to change jobs (that is one way I would get to do it straight away.)  Sorry I digress.  I saw a job advertised that floated my boat as they say.  But......yep you have guessed it Training, Qualifications, Experience etc etc.  But at least it is a start.  I have enrolled on a few courses that I have had to pay for myself, but that's OK, I think they will be interesting and will mean that I can't be a total hermit, you know, go to work come home, go to work, come home and so on...I will HAVE to meet people and I have got my name down to do a Certificate in Counselling, but that also starts in September, see why I need to do my NVQ now!! Phew!! An NVQ 2 in Gardening just doesn't cut it!!!

I just wanted to say that I have been so lucky in my life so far to never have had a loved on effected by Dementia.  Whatever life throws at me it is something I am so grateful for.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

My daughter

That was me 17 years ago.  Holding this brand new baby, my brand new baby.  Awkwardly as I had lost the use of my left arm after her birth (long story but it did come back to life 6 week later).  This precious bundle of joy.....
Sorry I can't turn the cake around....

Happy Birthday my darling, I am so proud of you and I love you so very much.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Meet Baby Rose

On January 24th, baby Rose joined our family.  She is beautiful, just like her Mum

My clever niece Ashley gave birth at home in a water pool to Rose, all 9lb 3oz of her.

(I am even more chuffed as on Thursday it will be 17 years ago that I gave birth to my own 9lb 8oz Baby, also at home in a water pool.  I know what a special feeling it is to achieve a happy, safe birth at home, so am extra, extra proud of her - if that is possible)

Not that this wee baby girl will be spoilt by her 'Aunty' Josie or anything.

So yes a fantastic start to 2011.  Can it get better?????

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Back on track.

Jose came home from school on Friday and presented me with a brown paper packet.....inside were some flowers.  Isn't is strange how when your children do something like this it always means so much.  This is a candle that she also made, the first time I had heard of Modge Podge.  Fantastic stuff.

My Granny Stripe is finished.  I have used up all of the Jacob wool that I have had in my 'stash' for near on 6 years.  But I ran out of grey, so I used some Cornish Gotland.  It is lighter then the grey of the Jacob, but looks similar.  I am please with it.  At the moment it is just on the back of the sofa.  My Dad came up yesterday to measure for some skirting and I said about it and he really liked it.  So, I have until Oct to make him his own one, even if he just uses it in his car,  not sure if that is what he'd really like but I am always stuck on what to make him.  I think I will stick to natural colours so I have just ordered some wool from here but they only have aran weight in the colours I want to use.  I thought I would do a test run first to see how it hooks up.

I haven't blogged much lately as I have a) not had the time (but have been reading lots) b) not really had much to write about.  The old mo-jo seems to be flagging a bit.
Poppy Cottage has been under going a few changes.  A wall down between the lounge and the hall has made a lovely big room, I have moved my bedroom downstairs (although I haven't spent much time in there as I have been staying 4 nights a week at a lady's house who's husband is in hospital, along with my Friday night at work)  The attic now is a massive craft room.  I wanted to put the fun back into making stuff and the smallest room (the attic stairs are in there) is now a clear white, peaceful room (OK I have to move a few things, Ashley's chair, need painting and gifting to her and the drawers need to go) but other then that it now holds my wool........well some of it.
The quilt top is one that I brought to finish off but I think that I will make it into a curtain for this room until I have the time to finish it off properly.  Mum doesn't really think that one curtain will look OK, but I can't split the quilt top, and I think it will be OK.

The stairs are now boxed in - just needs to be painted...........

My son also need to use a tray when he carries his coffee upstairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the lounge - minus that wall...

The two sofa's on the left are the best buy of 2010.  £25 for the pair from eBay!!!!! Lily has kept her sofa.  just have to keep reminding her that the new (to-us) sofa's are not for her!!

See, much better, or I think so.  All I have to do now is de-clutter BIG time.

And  need to tidy up a bit more, well, a lot more really!!

But this bit is done and painted.  everything is going white, easy to touch up after a muddy dog has been through.

So you can see that I have been a bit busy.  But hopefully, I shall be back on track with my posts.  I also need to make this the year of the UFO's.  I have lots of things I need to finish.  My older sister, who lives in Cornwall is going to take a few bits of my stuff when she does a craft stall in Fowey, so I shall only make a few things to sell this year, the rest of the time I intend to do some courses, make some things for my cottage and most of all enjoy the places that are on my door step with Lily and go and explore.

Take care
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