Sunday, 4 December 2011

Getting there

The opening of the new wool shop in town saw the blanket I was making turn into a bag - the reason? Well the new wool shop sells some fantastic yarns and the thought of not being able to buy any for yonks didn't appeal to me.  All I need to do is line it.  I finished sewing together on a night shift at work.

I have managed to loose a stone - the room behind is all tidy and sorted out.  My big sister came up from Cornwall and we blitzed, sorted, chucked away so much stuff.  All the craft stuff I decluttered went to My sister or my niece so nothing important got chucked.  I have to say that is it lovely having a really sorted out craft area/bedroom.

Started a pair of socks to keep in my locker at work - trouble is not the best colour to knit when your eyes are tired on a night shift when you get a chance to sit and knit.

Turned a child's tee-shirt into a bottom coverer.

Walked with my girl on my local beach - well I walked, she swam!!

Watched my boy play some of his County Rugby matches.  He finds out mid December if he has got through to the next stage. (he is the one with the no 2 on his shirt)

Ashley and Rose came to watch him too.  She has grown up so much.  Seems strange to think this time last year she was just a big bump.

Spent a couple of Days with my sister in Cornwall which was so nice and relaxed.

Lily and I headed for the beach each day.  An almost deserted beach is so good for your head.

Tried - in vain - to get some peace to sleep after a night shift - yes seriously that is how he sleeps with me, head on the pillow, snuggled under the duvet.

And the rest of the house has had a good sort out too.  Will do the rest after Christmas, but Poppy Cottage is slowly getting sorted and tidy.

Have to say I do love this space - but waste too much time on Pintrest and reading blogs, filling my head with more ideas!!!

Listening to Christmas Carols, to get me in the mood when making presents.

(Even Jasper's room is tidy)

And started so Christmas presents - using up wool I had in the cupboard!!!!

The local paper had a couple of nice photos of Jasper.

As a much of a fearless lad who plays Hooker, I have to say I am really glad he is now wearing a scrum cap.

ANd Now this is on my table, needing to be assembled.  Every year Mum has a diary, covered in photos of the past year.  It is so much easier since Facebook (the only thing I think it is good for!!)

This year I am using Modge Podge instead of the dreaded sticky back plastic, so did a sample run on an old diary, really pleased how it looks.  So had better go and get sticky!! 

Hope your all OK and enjoying the run up to Christmas.


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Growing so fast

Someone seems to be enjoying the London life very much, it suits her, she sounds happy, excited, alive

But it was nice (lovely) to see her when she came back for a whistle stop visit last weekend.  I miss the J's being at mine, Jasper is only with me about once a week (but calls in to mine most days after school which is really nice)  I spent years dreaming of this quiet, peaceful time, now it is here it isn't all it is cracked up to be.  I have to re-learn to be me.

Ash & Rose - I can't get over how much Rose is changing and growing up either.

I haven't got a recent photo of Jasper as I am banned from his facebook - he blocked me and his Dad!!

But this was the local paper's write up of a recent rugby match. The best I can do on the Jasper front. 

Bridport took full revenge
Swanage and Wareham Colts 24 Bridport Colts 38

Bridport took full
revenge for last season's surprise defeat to the young Swans with this
six try victory. It was all the more impressive as they had only one
substitute and could field no under-18s against a full 22 man squad of
colts. They started with good pressure on their opponents and the
opening score came when Will Haggerty tackled a clearing kicker and
Mike Holden was on hand to intercept the loose pass and score under the
sticks. Although Swanage replied by getting the ball wide and
outflanking the defence, it wasn't long before the blues were back in
the lead. Bob Lester-Card's kick pushing the home side back to 10m from
their line followed by a textbook catch and drive straight off the
training ground, which would have had the coaches purring with
appreciation, Will Challis had his hands on the ball when the pack
crossed the line. They extended their lead when Jasper Mowatt picked up
from the base of the scrum and went outside the winger to score in the
corner. Once again Swans came back with a try of their own but Tom
White took the blues into the break with a fine score from close range.
Swanage started the brightest after the break using their bench to
bring on some fresh legs and it paid off when they kicked over the top
and won the chase to touch down. This only galvanised the blues and
James Hansford scored following a good run through several tackles by
Jason . Although the home side cut the deficit with a run from the base
of the scrum of their own, Jasper Mowatt had the last word for Bridport
when he scored with a carbon copy of his earlier try. Bob Lester-Card
added four of the conversions to complete a handsome win.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Today was spent watching my son at the second round of his County Rugby Selection. I had so much I needed to do at home, finish the front garden, make a start on painting Josie's bedroom floor boards but I remembered all of the things that I had written on my last post, all those things could wait but this was special, especially that he had said I could come along and watch him. I dressed smart (well for me), I hid the knitting in my bag and only did it when I knew he couldn't see me.

We all thought that as he had only been put in one match that he hadn't made the grade, but his was the fourth name on the list that was called out to play next week against Cornwall.

I am so very proud of this young man.

Thank you for such lovely comments that you left on for me on the last post. I know I am so very lucky and I am so very proud of both of my two young adults.

I know many of the blogs I read at the moment have posts about children going off to uni or college, but a week and a half down the line I have to say it is OK actually. Strange, peaceful and tidy, but I know Jose is fine, excited about the start of this journey that is her's for the making. And now I just need to get my head around MY life is mine for the making.

Well done Jasper xx

Saturday, 17 September 2011

All change (again !!) here at PC xx

remember this is my baby!! looks at his arms!!

 This is an odd, mixed up post but I want to get up to date with the things that have been happening around Poppy Cottage.  I haven't managed to upload the photos in the order I really wanted to get them.

Jasper has been helping me to cover in a bit of a leanto that a friend built for me.  Polycarbonate has gone on the flat bit and today he has put on slates on the 'roof' bit.  I am so chuffed with how it looks, little bit more to do then I can have a dry place to sit out the front of my cottage (no more listening to very loud voice of neighbour who has a voice like a fog horn!! - when I sit out the back)  I look at these photos and want to know where my little boy has gone, someone has replaced him with a young man with muscles!!

But the most important bit that has happened her over the last week is this.......

 Jose has moved to LONDON!!!
She seems so happy and I am so proud.  It feels odd.  I don't really want to put on here what I am feeling as I don't really know to be honest.  I have Jasper, Smudge and Whinnie here so I can't say that my house is quiet, far from it, it is a mess and with Whinnie being 16 weeks old, all she seems to do is play ALL the time.
But....... the house just feels so empty, I stand in the door way of her room and realise that it is for real, it has come around so fast, my little girl has grown and she has started her journey through life.
She has the passion and drive to do what ever she wants to do in life, she'll do it.  I KNOW she appreciates not only the financial cost but what it is costing to ensure that she can follow this dream, and I have to say I would have sold my soul to be able to give her this opportunity.  I know she will make her Dad and I so proud (we are both very proud of her already, I know I am)
But the thing I am going to miss the her eyes, her beautiful eyes looking at me, hey, I am allowed to be sentimental!!

I love you Jose xx

other things that have been going on in my little life....

Catching a perfect memory through my Mum and Dad's kitchen window,

A weekend spent with my sister in Cornwall, she was at work in the day but we still had the evenings together,

A wrong turn that lifted my soul, my most special memory of my marriage to Mike was standing in the gate way of a wind farm, the sound of the blades turning, was I have to say for me one of the most amazing moments (not children or pet related) the power, the sound but also the silence.  I would happily live within the close proximity of a wind farm.  So when I left Tracie's and went to wrong way I took time to walk through the farm, closing my eyes and just hearing the sound, magical.

And my girl got attacked by something.  Much better now but she has yet another sore area come up.  She suffers from 'wet excema (? can't spell it today!!)' and is on Antibiotics but I was just saying to a friend tonight that if I still lived on the Small holding I would spray it with purple spray (used for sheep's feet), I will run this past my friend who is a vet, and just see if there was a different type of the same sort of spray, a more discreet version, not bright purple, I can just imagine the looks we'll get!! 

So tomorrow I wake up to the first Birthday in 17 years without my daughter with me, I'll be 39.  I can't believe that the years have flown by so fast.  I know that I am so lucky with how my life and my children have turned out but just sometimes I would give anything in the world to turn back the clock to the year when I had two little children age 5 and 4 and do so many things different, spend so much more time playing with them, less time worrying I hadn't done house work, dinner, washing, cleaned the fridge (I have a love hate relationship with my fridge even now!!) I wish we had just cuddled, read more just done more 'stuff'.

The one I think I did right was always tell them that I loved them, and I was so proud of them, I think that that is something both Josie and Jasper are in no doubt.

Live your life Jose the way you want to, soak up the buzz of London, shine in all you do because your Mum believes in you xx

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sleepless nights

Just need to be CLOSE to you Mum!!

You'd think that being single, having a whole double bed to myself would mean I would have undisturbed peaceful nights sleep, especially now I have moved back up to the attic away from a dog with separation anxiety issues (Lily)



The man in my life purrs.............. I am sure some of you would say that the man in your life snores..... (bet he doesn't try to sleep on your HEAD!! - actually we won't go there!!)

But mine purrs...............

Non stop!!!!!  All night!!!!

Shut him out I hear you say!!

Not a chance, he'll then keep you awake TRYING to get through the door!!

So Wei Siew, would you like to have some ear plugs sent xx

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My daughter - Part two!! and Meet Ruby (and Rose)

Jose has worked her socks of this Summer holiday.  She finished school, ready for the transition to London in September.  Picked up lots of hours over time at Waitrose, and I really mean a lot of hours!!

And the incentive???????

Going to London with a healthy bank balance I hear you ask?

Nope, this, a bag.  Not just any bag, her very own Chanel bag.  To go with her glasses, filo fax and

Posh purse (her friends all clubbed together).

(befuddled?? bemused?? Yep, snap me too!! apparently it isn't just a bag, it is THE bag!!)

And do you know what?  Good on her.  Never will she have the opportunity of being 17, carefree and worry free.  She is off to study at London's Fashion and Retail Academy.  The chance of a lifetime and I just know she'll do really well.  Well she has the bag!!

I know members of my family (and my friends) think it isn't the right thing to have done (her rent on her Halls is crazy - her Dad and I are paying half each - not sure if I'll loose weigh because I want to or because I will not be able to afford to eat!! Ha ha!!)
but I do understand it,
sort of,
and I know she is still going to have a good balance to take up with her, She'll be working at Waitrose in Bayswater so unlike some students she doesn't have to clamber for a job as soon as she gets up there.

We are very different, I do not understand the first bit about Fashion, I don't really want to, or have any desire to.

I just wish I had been home to see her face when it arrived this morning.

Just had to slip this photo of this gorgeous little girl.  Can't wait to see her soon.  They'll be down in a week or so, got to works out a day or two when I can get up there to see her as well.

An meet Ruby....
Too good an opportunity to miss.  She did belong to one of the girls at work, and now to me.  I hope I have done the right thing.  She has lots of miles but new head gasket, cam belt and water pump over the last year, so touch wood not much to go wrong.  I will be sad to get rid of my little green bubble as I love her even if my children don't but it will be nice to have a little bit bigger car again, also she has power steering.  I don't need to use my car very often now as one job is just behind my cottage.

I have also now finished all the bits for Rose's cardigan (but can't post a picture until it is finished, sent and received) so now just have to sew it all together.


That was a long one!!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Don't you just want to get in the car and hug her? I know I do!!

Rose is cutting her top teeth.  Out of all the photos that Ashley, her Mum, has sent me, this has to be my very favourite.  I just want to get in the car and go and cuddle her (also to give her Mum a break from the tearful teething - remember it well!!)

I am knitting her the cardigan, but in cream but I still have to decide on the edging.  I haven't attempted to do the multi coloured knits but with the purchase of all three Mission Falls baby books I need to so Mum is going to help me out there.  I didn't knit for Rose when she was little as I wasn't sure if it would be things that her Mum would like so made her a mini version of her Mum's Hug blanket.  Now, especially as Ash is now knitting I just know she'll like the things I make.  There is nothing nicer then knitting a cardigan for a baby - SO QUICK!! (can you tell I gave up on mine after 3 inches of the back!!) I have rubbish will power.

And Jasper's Puppy Whinnie has come to stay and play and play and play and play and play and play with Lily.  She is really lovely and I haven't felt sad (I lost my black lab, Daz, a couple of years ago) but I am SO glad that I haven't got a puppy full time (bit like I am glad the my two are no longer wee babes!!)

So today I planned to paint the front of my house, do loads of gardening, look at my NVQ stuff, but instead I am going to walk Lilly, do a bit of hoovering and chill as I am really tired. 
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