Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Not so tough as you make out Oh son of mine......

My Son
(The roughty toughty rugby player)

 Sometimes even the hard nuts crack.....
 Something so soft, so cuddly brings out the gentle side of someone.... a side as his Mum and him being 15, I don't see very often,. but.....
 put a five week bundle of mischief (or two as the case may be) and you see a different side to him......
Well, that is until it is his turn to pick up the soggy newspaper, or scoop up a neat brown package lovingly delivered!!!

(and yes they are big for 5 weeks, remember they are still on gold top milk delivered by Mum as often as possible, no stopping her)


  1. Gorgeous puppies .... bet he moves fast when the poop scoop is needed! I'm trying to talk my OH into letting our choc lab have a litter but he's doing the blokey bit and doesn't want his girl tampered with IYKWIM ;-)

  2. It's amazing the effect those puppies have isn'it? Oh dear,now you've ruined his 'image' ha,ha. ;o)

  3. Handsome young man, adorable dogs. Does he have any idea that puppies are girl magnets. Don't let him walk the puppies the girls will be ringing the phone off the wall. LOL

  4. He is definitely a fine looking young man. The pups are so sweet.

  5. My big man loves dogs of all kinds too, it gave me a start looking at that photo as his tie is the same as my sons and the blazer is very similar too. Aj is a rugby player as well strange that a world away they are wearing similar school uniforms.

  6. Ha ha, I've got a 15 year old son too who didn't want a puppy, until we got one that is. He won't do the picking up poo bit either though.


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