Thursday, 11 November 2010

Just pure fun........

All the girls have new homes and to be honest they couldn't be going to nicer people.  I am so chuffed, so that leaves the boys..................

 A family with two boys are coming to see them on Sunday.....  I have a good feeling about them, you know when you just get a feeling in your tummy, that you know that something good is going to happen, that is what I have at the moment.
 Don't ask what happened here...................

Although, I do have a favourite, hands down, but I can't keep one, Lily and I have too many adventures to go off on.


  1. OMG they are so adorable but also look a right handful, I bet your house is going to feel empty when they are gone x

  2. oh i will miss them too, i have loved reading bout their adventures.
    Thankyou to you to for your kind words on my blog one day things will start to go right, i just wish it would pull its finger out !!!

  3. The girls in the litter always seem to go first.
    Glad you have found lovely homes.Having nurtured and cared for those furry bundles since birth,you really want to be sure they are going to be well looked after when they go out into the big wide world.It's going to be very quiet after they've gone! :0)

  4. Hello! It's always so wonderful to see you puppies and of course their mum! When you have to let them go? I hope you can keep in touch with the puppies also with their new homes!
    All the best! Teje

  5. I'd be heartbroken to have to let them go. I'm sure it's some consolation to know they're going to good homes. It would be nice if the families would keep in touch with you. I keep sending photos of my puppy to his breeder to let her see how he's getting on and growing up.

  6. They are so sweet. How strange that the boys are the last to go. When we got our boy, Bailey - he was the last of the litter left.


  7. Boys will be boys!! how brilliant that they are all going to lovely homes, especially after all your hard work bringing them along!



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