Sunday, 21 November 2010

I once had a garden.........

but then again who cares, it'll grow back!!

Thank you for all you words of comfort.  As you all said the pups are so lovely and so cuddly having them has really helped. 

As you can see from the above, the pups have grown and have discovered that it is really really good fun to hide under the shed and to totally distroy any bit of garden that I had, but do you know what, who cares.

Colette x

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Thank you so much xx

Thank you all so much for such lovely comments.  Jon came up about 9pm on Monday, Cleo was asleep on the sofa.  He carefully injected Cleo with a sedative which made him sleepy, I made us a cup of tea, and he gave me time to make 100% certain that this what what I wanted, Jose came home from an evening out with her Dad, whilst I sat and stroked my cat, in turn my very grown up daughter hugged me, Jon quietly went out to get what was needed.  With the up most respect to me and my feelings, he very carefully put my beautiful black cat to sleep.  Jose was amazing and Jon also.  We talked about how long I had had him, in between my snotty tears, I thanked him and carried on touching my soft, pain free cat.

I know it is his job, but I was amazed by the tenderness Jon showed to me and my daughter - to put an animal to sleep to end it suffering is one thing, I think to put your friends pet to sleep and to watch your friend suffer the heartbreaking moment when you know they are gone must be incredibly hard.  For that I will be forever grateful.

I have always said I may be skint, but I am so rich in friends.
Who could want for more.

 This is Sheye

 Now these wellies smell good!!


 Don't those eyes just melt you.
 As you can see, wellies seem to be the best kind of foot wear in Poppy Cottage at this moment in time.

 They still smell so nice, Sheye really snuggles into your neck.

 Look - must like him a lot!!!!!  2 photo's (Samba - Just so so laid back)
 Socks - She seems to be Ok.
 Boy, I need to re-paint my door frames!!

 Again Ruby or Flo
 In the background, as you can see, are the boys!! (and Sheye)
 Watch out Brian, she is SOOOOOOOOOOOO affectionate.
 My favourite (shouldn't really admit to that should I) Samba
Ruby or Flo

All of these photos were taken by Jose

Monday, 15 November 2010


This was my lovely cat Cleo last night, all snuggled up with the pups.

 Then before I went to bed he seemed to collapsed on his back legs,  he does do this often, he is 19 and seems to just get up and carry on.  He was sat on my lap, being stroked and brushed.  (he does have a smell about him, I have put this down to age - horrible to say but a rotting smell)  When I placed him on the floor he seemed to have a really hard job breathing, it was heart breaking to watch, when he recovered he chose to hide away from the pups, this in it's self is unusual.  I made him comfortable and he slept.  This morning I hoped, is that wrong, that he would have passed away in his sleep.  When I came down, he came out from where he had slept and just sat and watched me.  Why did I want him to have gone in his sleep?  Because it takes away the decision that I know in my heart is the right one to make, but how do you know it is the right time, how do you know that your animal, who you have loved for so long, has had enough struggling on.  He seemed to rally when the pups came along, he has spent most of the last six weeks in the company of the five pups, through choice, almost seeking out their company.  But his eyes seem to be different, his body is just fur and bones, even the muscles in his back legs are no longer there.

 But I have had him in my life for so long.
When I moved in with the children's Dad I really wanted a pet of my own, Mike had his dog Percy, I kept asking for a kitten, the answer was always no.  The one night, Mike was really drunk (!!!!) and I asked again, this time the answer came, "if you must!!"
 Needless to say I had learnt enough about this man to know to say nothing more in the morning.  He left for work, I had a day off, I headed for the postcards in shop windows and found a litter of kittens.
 I went to see them, two litters, born at the same time from two sisters.  An abundance of kittens ran around this room, all so friendly, not shy in any way....apart from one........who hid behind the washing machine.
And that, being me is the kitten I came home with, Cleo, who was meant to be a little girl, turned out to be a boy, who has been with me all my adult life.  And tonight my friend the vet will come and put him to sleep for me.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Just pure fun........

All the girls have new homes and to be honest they couldn't be going to nicer people.  I am so chuffed, so that leaves the boys..................

 A family with two boys are coming to see them on Sunday.....  I have a good feeling about them, you know when you just get a feeling in your tummy, that you know that something good is going to happen, that is what I have at the moment.
 Don't ask what happened here...................

Although, I do have a favourite, hands down, but I can't keep one, Lily and I have too many adventures to go off on.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Not so tough as you make out Oh son of mine......

My Son
(The roughty toughty rugby player)

 Sometimes even the hard nuts crack.....
 Something so soft, so cuddly brings out the gentle side of someone.... a side as his Mum and him being 15, I don't see very often,. but.....
 put a five week bundle of mischief (or two as the case may be) and you see a different side to him......
Well, that is until it is his turn to pick up the soggy newspaper, or scoop up a neat brown package lovingly delivered!!!

(and yes they are big for 5 weeks, remember they are still on gold top milk delivered by Mum as often as possible, no stopping her)

Monday, 8 November 2010

Super speed!!

This is an action shot, I'd like to see you try and get a better picture, they just don't slow down (until that is they flop and sleep!!)
The pups are set on one speed at the moment.... super fast!!!

They are like todlers, can't walk, have to RUN!!!
This morning they all headed outside.

 After the heavy winds last night I came down stairs to bedlem, all five pups were running around downstairs having broken fee from the confines of the kitchen........

Who Me???
 Apart from those who are far to chunky to run, you know, sometimes things are just too much of an effort!!
 A stern word from Mum!!  Who am I kidding, she is as bad as they are.  She loves playing with them,

See, how can ANYTHING get done in this house at the moment.

I seem to be spending my free time surrounded with soggy newspaper, but it really is great fun.

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