Saturday, 9 October 2010

Time Wasters

Time wasters - That is what they are. Everything takes longer as you walk past the lounge and just have to pop in to see them.

Lily is spending more time out of the box and with me, which is lovely. I am still sleeping with them (well on the sofa next to them, because I can. Another perk to being single, I could spend 8 weeks with them if I wanted and no one to nag me!! (don't worry, 8 weeks I'd be MAD by then!! But it is lovely to lay awake at night watching them twitch in their sleep (although I do seem to wake with a Lily dog making herself comfy on top of me and the duvet.

I have half wondered if I should make my bedroom downstairs in the redundant Dining room as I really do miss sleeping with her and she can't make it up the stairs to the Attic........ It is food for thought... Isn't this just amazing..
Jose with her early morning cuddle before she headed off to work (for me I still have a week more holiday, and I have painted the kitchen, just got up the stairs to do then it is the Garden and Poly Tunnel after that)

Their faces are starting to pop out now, and over the next few days their eyes will un-zip and the ears open up.
She is being a fantastic Mum, plenty of milk so these Pups will not be small......

But I have managed to get on a bit with Josie's blanket, four piles of 18 squares, joining with cream in a join as you go sort of way, then I shall just granny cluster borders around the edges until I run out of wool.
Old knitting needles are really handy for this.
(don't look too close at the floor, I haven't really been bothered with house work this week (Hey, second good bit about being single...... Nope, kids moan eventually)

This is Post number 98 so I guess I should think about getting together something for the 100th (that seems to be the done thing)

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Gorgeous pups ... I want our Molly labradog to have a litter but OH says no :-( I'll keep working on him though. Great idea with the knitting needles to store the crochet squares.

  2. They are so cute, aarrrr!

    I've popped your little parcel in the post this morning and I'll be blogging about your little gift tomorrow - thanks x

  3. The puppies are darling. Isn't nature amazing?

  4. Ohh, what gorgeous puppies and what lovely photos. they're so cute x

  5. Puppies are so amazing! Some of my dogs I have seen very small, like Nero when he was 4 days! But never had just born puppies at home - enjoy this lovely time - I don't think I could sleep much!
    Your crochet is also very beautiful!
    Best wishes Teje

  6. Those puppies are just so adorable,and Lily looks like one proud mama! Make the most of every moment...they grow up so quick! :o)

  7. they are just gorgeous and i don't blame you for staying with them - i would too!! We keep popping down to look at our little kittens, they change so much in just a week! Your crochet looks lovely and a brilliant way to store them!


  8. Those puppies are so adorable. I can't imagine you get anything done; I would sit and look at them all day.
    The blanket is going to be wonderful; I like the colours you are using.

  9. The puppies look gorgeous!
    Love your blanket squares, the colours are beautiful!

  10. My puppy is now 5 months old and has changed so much from when he was born. it's amazing to watch them grow and develop their own personalities. Enjoy every minute of it.

  11. oh my, how adorable i'd love to come over and cuddle those little beauties!!!

  12. Your little puppy family is so cute. Soon they will be running all over the house. How fun for all of you. Your blanket is coming a long nicely. The colors look great together. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  13. They are so adorable! I don't know how you get anything done. I slept next to our dog for a few weeks when she was a tiny pup... she used to wriggle into my sleeping bag in the early hours for a cuddle. So sweet! She's a fully grown labrador now, so we don't do that anymore!
    Love Kathy xxx


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