Monday, 11 October 2010

So much for starting my Christmas shopping!!

My first bit of Christmas shopping arrived today..... It was from Lizzie. I just love the address label, so much so that I had a real job opening it without spoiling it (boy I wish I had neat writing like that)

Sealing wax to keep the fantastic red and white string in place....
A little note .......this is where it all started to go wrong, I mean REALLY wrong........
You see, after reading the note....I started to will power started to thin....... (OK, so I don't actually have any will power - but I haven't eaten chocolate today!!)

Then I opened the pink tissue paper..... all wrapped around them...... it was then I just knew it.....
These little ladies that had started their journey to Poppy Cottage - with the hope of leaving Poppy Cottage as Christmas presents.......were......infact.......
Not going anywhere..........
See, so my start on Christmas failed, but I now own three lovely ladies who I am blown away by the detail on them. I would recommend (if you have stronger will power then me) getting a couple as presents, I had intended to give them away as book marks, so now will have to have a re-think.


  1. They are stunning - can see why you are struggling to part with them :)

  2. I'm afraid I've been guilty of doing that myself! Those are too lovely to part with I agree. :o)

  3. Oh I'm so pleased you like them. Have they settled in ok? Thanks for the kind words. x

  4. They would never have left my house either. TOO CUTE!!!

  5. Now they are just gorgeous!!!!

    Jodie :)

  6. They are beautiful - I would have a hard time parting with them too!

  7. Heeheeee!! Im giggling because I would have done the same!! Hats off to you for the original thought of giving them away, but I cant blame you for keeping them all for yourself, they're too nice to give away!

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  8. What beautiful ladies they are! And such a fantastic parcel - I have such terrible writing, I so wish mine was all lovely like that.
    To respond to your felt question: I've never used acrylic felt as a pre-felt, so I'm not sure how it would behave. The prefelt I use is felted so that the fibres hold together, but not at all fulled/shrunk - so when it combines with the background fibres they all bind together and shrink down together, if you see what I mean. Bought sheets of felt will already be matted together into a formed fabric, so my guess is that they wouldn't really combine so well with the background fibres or felt down any more, especially if they're acrylic. I'm sure you could still incorporate them in a design but you might need to cover them with a very fine wispy layer of wool fibres to help them bind into the background layers, and I think they might tend to stay raised above the surface a bit rather than all blending in - I'm assuming here you're doing wet-felting like I do. I'd have a go with a small sample piece - it might be a really good effect. Sorry if I've misunderstood what you meant! xx

  9. Oh your ladies are lovely, great idea to have them for bookmarkers

  10. Hi, I make all my own pre-felt from just the same merino tops I use for everything else - I get those from - they do tons of stuff - a bewildering array of things! They also sell ready done prefelt but I've never used it and I think it's un-dyed- I did have a very quick google of 'dyed prefelt' and came across who seem to do sheets of merino prefelt but I've never tried them. I would definitely do a small sample with your acrylic stuff though just to check it all adheres in ok - do take some photos and show us, I'd be so interested to see what happens! xx

  11. Fortunately my birthday is in October, so I can legitimately keep any 'Christmas' presents I'm currently buying. Can't you give yourself an official birthday like the Queen in the lead up to Christmas so you can keep things without the guilt?

  12. Guilty of that here too!! Thanks for your comment yesterday Collette - much appreciated. I know shes not on her own. The policeman who spoke to her said that they had above 20 each night from that area alone! She did have her bag zipped, but that didnt deter them. I am on the hunt for a perfect clutch bag for her now - whether they are in fashion or not. xxxx

  13. Oh, they are really beautiful and qute!!!
    How are your sweet puppies!
    wishes teje

  14. If it makes you feel any better, I haven't finished my Christmas shopping from last year yet...

    They are lovely little peg dolls.

    I think you could give photos of the puppies to friends for Christmas this year. Or coupons for "one free hour of playing with puppies". Who wouldn't love that?!?!


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