Sunday, 24 October 2010

The next stage.....weaning.

I have decided that I just can't crochet a flat circle - what am I doing wrong?  This is meant to be this....

But as you can see, erm..... it isn't.  I have the same trouble with this so it has to be me.  Remember this

Help please.

The pups have changed so much over the last few days.  They are standing up for a little bit and walking around, rather the the hairy slugs pulling themselves along.  
They have changed so much
And now the fun has started.... the process of weaning them off Lily and onto proper food.  It isn't something for the light hearted, house proud person.  In fact, if my washing machine packs up now I'd be, well, buggered actually.
They sort of loose their cuddle appeal for a few days.  I seemed to spend yesterday in clothes that had puppy pee, poo and food over them.  Whoops, seem to be in them again today, Ha Ha! Who cares, I am a slob, have no interest in dressing to impress, Lily loves me unconditionally!! (Clean underwear mind you!!) - But I suddenly remembered what I was wearing when I had walked half way into town, maybe the J's are right to be embarrassed by me.  The sad thing is I didn't turn around, I just carried on!

Trying to get to grips with the new blogger layout and the 'easier' way of posting.  I must admit that my brain can't function too well at the moment, but I think it will be a lot easier.  I always found adding photo's a chore.  They seem to go on a lot better, for me anyhow.

A small selection of WIP's
And now I just need to sort this out.  A selection of brooches to be finished off.  The ideas are in my head but I have been struggling to find the time to sit down and add the backs and the beads to them.  They will either end up on the Christmas stall I am thinking about doing or as presents etc.  I have really enjoyed 'painting' with the fleece via needle felting.  But really need to finish them off before I start anymore.
Awaiting beading
It is a beautiful day here in Bridport and I really should get out into the garden, but I am sat here on the sofa, puppy watching (they twitch so much when they are dreaming), Lily is laying on my feet, house is peaceful (Josie is on a school trip to New York - and doesn't want to come home) and I am just looking around my cottage, thinking.  Do you ever wish you could sort out the mess that makes up your head?  I'd love to learn how to empty it and just have what needs to be in there rather then all the craft ideas, life dilemmas, thoughts of what will happen in the future, just to stop it racing all the time, I might be able to sleep better then.
First attempt at a felt flower - not too bad
Actually, in fact, Lily has wind so I am moving.  Nothing like that smell to bring you back to earth!!!!


  1. I just love those puppies. They are too cute. I also love your brooches. I think you might be increasing too many stitches with your crochet every round.

  2. Hope you get help with the circles.I've only just mastered a granny square,so I can't help you on that one I'm afraid.The puppies are doing so well.Have you found homes for any of them yet..and will you be keeping one?! :o)

  3. The puppies are too cute! I love their picture for your header!

  4. Oh wow, those puppies are too cute. I never learned to crochet so I'm not very helpful in that area. Your brooches are lovely. Anyone that receives one as a gift will cherish it I'm sure. Enjoyed my visit today!

  5. oh your pups are just so cute i do love how you posted them at the top of your blog. I wish i could crochet or knit but i cant prehaps someone will show me one day, i could always join the ol dears at their sewing club on a Tueday afternoon.
    I do hope you can master a circle soon so frustrating when you cant get things right.
    i do so enjoy reading your blog,so keep the post coming x

  6. I am so sorry it is more likely to be my pattern than you. Count a lot and make sure you have 36 stitches in round 3 (this number includes the 3ch at the start)They are meant to be simple Ha! I will take some pictures and see if I can clarify the situation. Much much more puppy love please.
    Hugs Lou

  7. I have just started learning to crochet and found "Lucys Attic" blog extremely good as she does tutorials with very clear instructions. I have just finished my very first granny square using one of her patterns! Also Youtube do some good tutorials. Sometimes you just need someone to show you! xx

  8. Those flowers are beautiful- do keep those out of the poo/wee/food mix won't you? ;0)

  9. I can't crochet so can't help with that I'm afraid. Your brooches are beautiful and will make fantastic gifts. I've fallen in love with your puppies, they're just so cute.

  10. Hello! Oh my lovely the puppies can be! If I had them I couldn't do anything but sit and watch them all the day...and night!
    And then...your amazing flowers... they are just adorable!!!
    Best wishes Teje

  11. aaahh the puppies are growing so quickly. Love love love your felt flowers, just gorgeous!

  12. Dogs do do the most fantastically smelly trumps don't they??? Yak!
    The puppies look devine, as do your brooches.
    Jill x

  13. oh wow those puppies are sooo cute and your flowers are lovely!

  14. cute puppies! If i have those cute dogs, i'll bring them wherever i go, even during holidays.

    Dorset holiday cottages

  15. You increasing the stitches too much, am a beginner myself and did this with my Teddy bears head, he looks very odd lol


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