Sunday, 24 October 2010

The next stage.....weaning.

I have decided that I just can't crochet a flat circle - what am I doing wrong?  This is meant to be this....

But as you can see, erm..... it isn't.  I have the same trouble with this so it has to be me.  Remember this

Help please.

The pups have changed so much over the last few days.  They are standing up for a little bit and walking around, rather the the hairy slugs pulling themselves along.  
They have changed so much
And now the fun has started.... the process of weaning them off Lily and onto proper food.  It isn't something for the light hearted, house proud person.  In fact, if my washing machine packs up now I'd be, well, buggered actually.
They sort of loose their cuddle appeal for a few days.  I seemed to spend yesterday in clothes that had puppy pee, poo and food over them.  Whoops, seem to be in them again today, Ha Ha! Who cares, I am a slob, have no interest in dressing to impress, Lily loves me unconditionally!! (Clean underwear mind you!!) - But I suddenly remembered what I was wearing when I had walked half way into town, maybe the J's are right to be embarrassed by me.  The sad thing is I didn't turn around, I just carried on!

Trying to get to grips with the new blogger layout and the 'easier' way of posting.  I must admit that my brain can't function too well at the moment, but I think it will be a lot easier.  I always found adding photo's a chore.  They seem to go on a lot better, for me anyhow.

A small selection of WIP's
And now I just need to sort this out.  A selection of brooches to be finished off.  The ideas are in my head but I have been struggling to find the time to sit down and add the backs and the beads to them.  They will either end up on the Christmas stall I am thinking about doing or as presents etc.  I have really enjoyed 'painting' with the fleece via needle felting.  But really need to finish them off before I start anymore.
Awaiting beading
It is a beautiful day here in Bridport and I really should get out into the garden, but I am sat here on the sofa, puppy watching (they twitch so much when they are dreaming), Lily is laying on my feet, house is peaceful (Josie is on a school trip to New York - and doesn't want to come home) and I am just looking around my cottage, thinking.  Do you ever wish you could sort out the mess that makes up your head?  I'd love to learn how to empty it and just have what needs to be in there rather then all the craft ideas, life dilemmas, thoughts of what will happen in the future, just to stop it racing all the time, I might be able to sleep better then.
First attempt at a felt flower - not too bad
Actually, in fact, Lily has wind so I am moving.  Nothing like that smell to bring you back to earth!!!!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Feeding time at the zoo.....

And my 100th post!!

I'm also playing with uploading a video, so you all can see the progress of the puppies. Lil is still feeding them but their eyes are now open and over the last couple of days they are taking more of their weight on their legs rather then crawling like baby seals.

They went with me down to visit the Residential Home were I work yesterday, I have been taking them down once a week, boy have I missed being at work. Funny isn't it. Although two of my shifts have changed so I won't be working with two of the carers I have been and that is such a shame as I loved that shift, but I understand the reasons why it has changed and I have to see it as a compliment.

So....I guess I need to think about a give away. No idea what but I'll think of something.... a puppy maybe....ONLY JOKING!!

So leave a comment on this post and I'll pick a name next Monday morning, the 25th.

(As you can see from the video, Lily is fine with anyone else doing anything with her babies, but she is not too keen on sharing me with them)

And yes, they are real time wasters!!

Monday, 11 October 2010

So much for starting my Christmas shopping!!

My first bit of Christmas shopping arrived today..... It was from Lizzie. I just love the address label, so much so that I had a real job opening it without spoiling it (boy I wish I had neat writing like that)

Sealing wax to keep the fantastic red and white string in place....
A little note .......this is where it all started to go wrong, I mean REALLY wrong........
You see, after reading the note....I started to will power started to thin....... (OK, so I don't actually have any will power - but I haven't eaten chocolate today!!)

Then I opened the pink tissue paper..... all wrapped around them...... it was then I just knew it.....
These little ladies that had started their journey to Poppy Cottage - with the hope of leaving Poppy Cottage as Christmas presents.......were......infact.......
Not going anywhere..........
See, so my start on Christmas failed, but I now own three lovely ladies who I am blown away by the detail on them. I would recommend (if you have stronger will power then me) getting a couple as presents, I had intended to give them away as book marks, so now will have to have a re-think.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Time Wasters

Time wasters - That is what they are. Everything takes longer as you walk past the lounge and just have to pop in to see them.

Lily is spending more time out of the box and with me, which is lovely. I am still sleeping with them (well on the sofa next to them, because I can. Another perk to being single, I could spend 8 weeks with them if I wanted and no one to nag me!! (don't worry, 8 weeks I'd be MAD by then!! But it is lovely to lay awake at night watching them twitch in their sleep (although I do seem to wake with a Lily dog making herself comfy on top of me and the duvet.

I have half wondered if I should make my bedroom downstairs in the redundant Dining room as I really do miss sleeping with her and she can't make it up the stairs to the Attic........ It is food for thought... Isn't this just amazing..
Jose with her early morning cuddle before she headed off to work (for me I still have a week more holiday, and I have painted the kitchen, just got up the stairs to do then it is the Garden and Poly Tunnel after that)

Their faces are starting to pop out now, and over the next few days their eyes will un-zip and the ears open up.
She is being a fantastic Mum, plenty of milk so these Pups will not be small......

But I have managed to get on a bit with Josie's blanket, four piles of 18 squares, joining with cream in a join as you go sort of way, then I shall just granny cluster borders around the edges until I run out of wool.
Old knitting needles are really handy for this.
(don't look too close at the floor, I haven't really been bothered with house work this week (Hey, second good bit about being single...... Nope, kids moan eventually)

This is Post number 98 so I guess I should think about getting together something for the 100th (that seems to be the done thing)

Enjoy your weekend.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Look what my clever girl did.......

Five beautiful, healthy puppies. Three girls, two boys. An ideal first litter.
Timing couldn't be better, First day of my 'maternity leave' (two week hoiday from work)

Two weeks to watch, cuddle puppies, can't think of anything much nicer actually!!

And they sounds so lovely xx Sofa for me again for the next few nights.
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