Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sweet Shop Syndrome

Most of you who read my blog know a bit about me, those who don't here is a little bit about me.....

I love wool, fabric, buttons, fibres, making stuff, sewing... anything crafty....

So this job offer.......

be stupid to turn it down wouldn't I...

so at 6 pm went for a formal interview, offered job....accepted job.

That means in the last four years I have been 'head hunted' (sounds impressive!!) twice!

Maybe I am not so rubbish after all!!

And as long as H.H agree, I should be able to do both jobs, as someone said, the best of both worlds.
Now will have to cut out eating rubbish, loose a bit of flab, find something decent to wear (smart!!) and stop hiding away!

But....... Just think of all that fabric to touch and look at!!!!


Turns out, on the 1st of August they brought the business and Megan asked Tom (who happens to be the Chairman of the management committee at work) if he thought I would be interested in working for them. He said he couldn't ask as it would be a conflict of interest, so what luck that I bumped into them yesterday, on my Birthday. Now I keep thinking about all I DON'T know about fabric, boy have I got some homework to do!!!


  1. I read your last post earlier and didn't have time to comment then, but I was going to say - DO BOTH if at all possible. So that's such great news. And having this opportunity will hopefully force you into some of the changes you mention, and then you will start to believe in yourself even more! And there's all that fabric too. Well done and I do wish you all the best as you go forward - when do you start? It's very exciting. xx

  2. This is so exciting, I am really pleased for you. It's about time you got some really good news coming your way, you deserve it!
    and so sorry I missed your birthday, hope you had a lovely day.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! Wow, I am sooooo jealous! If there is a down side to working in a fabric shop, it'll be that you won't be bringing much in the way of wages home, because you'll be spending it all in the shop!

    Wishing you well with your new job.
    love Fi x

  4. Congratulations! This is a dream for a lot of us, so I'm quite envious now. I hope you can restrain yourself working there and not buy everything you see! You lucky, lucky girl.

  5. yay!!! congratulations - how lovely! You'll have to let me know where it is so i can come visit and shop!!


  6. Lovely happy for you!
    Sorry I missed your birthday,hope you had a great one.Just catching up after our hoilday. :o)

  7. Brilliant! What a great resolution, you will be brilliant and look gorgeous- I'm sure! xxxx

  8. Ooh imagine sitting there knitting/sewing in between customers and getting paid too! Well done

  9. Congratulations! I am green with envy!
    I hope it all goes well and you have lots of fun!

  10. A belated birthday present?!? Well deserved. You will be great at this job. I can't wait to see what projects you come up with, with all that inspiration to draw on.

  11. Congratulations. It sounds like a perfect situation for you. Dust off your confidence (what shelf did you stash it on anyway?) and wear it with pride.
    Your flower pin is just beautiful. So happy for you:)

  12. Thanks for the link to marmaladeRose ( , a great help on my journey of machine embroidery, am now a follower and can't believe how great blogging can be in learning and devloping craft. Many thanks once more. Sara

  13. Hello PC,
    Thought I'd return the compliment and tag along awhile if you don't mind, oh by the way 'musings of murphyfish' is where I ponder mostly, hopefully there'll be something there to keep you amused.
    Bets regards,

  14. Wow!! Well done you - it sounds like a very dangerous place to work though!!!

  15. Found your blog yesterday and although its belated I would like to wish you congratulations. Seems karma is at work


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