Sunday, 19 September 2010

An offer of the 'perfect' job?

I have had about a week and a half off work, lots of things planned but not much done. I spent ages sorting out my bedroom craft room. Now it has gone from a cluttered 'God knows where anything is' type of room to a work room come bedroom. I sort of know where stuff is, it is relaxing and my fabric is now in a cupboard, OK, a slightly big cupboard, but orderly (if fabric stashes can be orderly. An inspiration board behind one craft table...
Neat (ish) stash
Is it possible to say I have enough fabric to open a shop????? (the boxes on the top shelf are CRAMMED full with fat 1/4's)
I have had time to play......
And just see what that would look like if I did that....
I had forgotten how much I enjoy all of that, to just know where things are so that they are on hand when you have a few minutes.
But the fabric thing brings me on to yet another dilemma in my life (sound like a drama queen don't I, sorry)
What would you do if you were offered (although part time) a job in a fabric shop, that has just been taken over by friends, who plan to expand, to sell wool, run workshops. Anyone who reads the right hand side of my blog knows that that would be, to me, almost the most perfect job in the whole wide world.
But, not only would it be 50p less then I get now an hour, so £6.25 per hr, I love my job at the residential home.
I could do both I guess, the fabric shop is in town so I would walk to work, I'd have to start taking a bit of pride in how I look. I'd have to find that confidence I seem to have lost over the last four years.
But just think of all that fabric to touch, feel.....


  1. I would love job in a patchwork sewing shop, but it is true, we would need to take a bit more pride in our appearence LOL! But would you spend all your pay on fabric??? I would have a hard time!

  2. Sit still for a moment, and see what your 'gut' tells you. It does sound lovely, and it does sound like there would be advantages for you on many different levels. Meanwhile enjoy fiddling, you're making some lovely things. x

  3. it would be an amazing job!!! perhaps you can work out some hours so you can do both and get the best of both worlds!


  4. Do both! Do both! Do both! xxxxxxx

  5. Hello! You make wonderful and lovely things!
    Best wishes Teje


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