Sunday, 1 August 2010

Wow!! What a day. (even the puncture didn't spoil it!!)

The sun shone, My niece looked a stunning bride, My daughter looked amazing, My sister looked the proud Mum, everyone looked so happy.
My son looked..........erm..... 'casual'

The bride's car had a puncture on the way to the church and the had to flag down a lift!!

Don't think I need to add anything else, the pictures say it all.

Apart from a very happy and lovely Great Grandad


  1. What a lovely day your all had and everyone looked beautiful. Good luck to them and their new live together.

  2. Best wishes to the happy couple.

    What a beautiful day.

  3. A puncture is supposed to be a good omen. All the best to them both!

  4. A perfect day...and what a beautiful bride!

    Bellaboo ;o)

  5. I want to get married again!!!! I am loving the bunting!congratulations to them both... xxxx

  6. I have a tear in my eye!! How lovely. xxx


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