Monday, 30 August 2010

Catching up (although for me that is impossible!!)

Last weekend I went to Cornwall to spend the a couple of days with my Big sister. It was a lovely 'get away' from it all. Trace has been a bit down, so I wanted to take something down that would cheer her up. Now as sisters go, we have pretty similar tastes in 'craft' type things, so I knew that to be given this...... would be so much better then chocolate, flowers. It is a sirdar, but I can't remember which one but at £1.49 per 100g ball it means she can play to her hearts content (she has just learnt to crochet). We spent the weekend chatting, I went through Lucy's blog and taught her to make the Summer Garden Granny Square as well as the join as you go method. So by the end of the weekend I think she had the start of a small blanket. She also got to grips with the Granny Stripe blanket.
I made this......Using wool left over from Ashley hug blanket.
And then have started these - to match
Teenager don't really 'get' the craft thing, Jose does, but I am sure that she thinks I am slightly nuts but Jasper, nope. He DOES think I am nuts. (Although I did receive a back handed compliment from him after being told I was a failure I asked why he doesn't just go and live with his Dad full time, his reply was 'Just because I think you are a failure doesn't mean to say I don't like you - you have to know and understand my son to understand it isn't as bad as it sounds).
He asked me ages ago to knit him another jumper (the last one took about 4 years - thankfully it stretched!!)
He chose the colours (to me they are school uniform colours) One and a half sleeves done and almost finished the back.........There is hope that he'll get it before he is 16!
And then Jose sent me a text. "I want a hug" (she was at home with Jasper at the time so I thought it was a bit odd, but then I remembered the Hug blanket I made for Ashley). So The Cuddle has been started...
With really soft wool, brought just for the blanket........ (£2.99 per 50g - ouch!!) but it is SOOOOOOOOO soft
I got to choose the colours......
with an idea of what she likes.
So now, I have YET ANOTHER project on the go!!! So much for trying to catch up!!
But I do have nearly two weeks off once they go back to school, and that is going to be constructive, as I WANT to get sorted, rather then thinking that I should!!
And.... hopefully I should find out if Lily is in Pup this week. (I am taking the vet to the airport and instead of getting paid 'taxi' fare he will do an ultra scan on Lily - can't be bad as after all I am using his car and his petrol!! - He didn't think mine would get there!! Bloody cheek!!) ;0)


  1. I think "Acceptance" is the way forward. Accept that this is the way that you do things - at least you get things done eventually (unlike me!!!)I think your boy gets the cafty thing more than you know, my lad would never in a million years wear anything that had made him! Perhaps "failure" is the "in" word for "fab" - you know like "phat" means good. Who knows with kids today! Love all your woolly goodness and the cuddle is sounding great. xxxxx

  2. I agree with Diane.
    I lve the crochet things you are doing and the colours you choose. I also like to hear the bartering going on between you and the vet, what a clever idea, swapping things you want/need for things someone else wants/needs! excellent idea.
    ps I love the header photo on your blog.

  3. Loving your crocheted goodies - I just wish I could get to grips with it.

  4. You have been busy :)

    Oh the joys of teenage boys - I actually got a compliment from mine today. Makes a chance from the sarcastic comments I usually get :(

  5. Oh, gorgeous grannie squares! Love the colours! I have 3 teenaged girls!:-)

  6. wow, such a lot of lovely crochet - i love the colours for the 'cuddle' blanket, my favourites! Teenagers - i think that was a kind of back handed compliment!


  7. the crochet is beautiful! what a sweet sister you are to cheer up your sister like that

  8. Love the crochet scarf very pretty.

  9. Hi,
    Pretty colors and I love your granny square scarf.
    There is a little surprise for you on my blog:)


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