Monday, 5 July 2010

A 'Just What I Needed Day'

What a fantastic invention. Some daft people use the yarn holder to put a drink in. Some people just have no idea do they!!!!
This was Saturday. A lovely way to spend a day, good company (my Mum) and good Music. Have a listen here. The Band is called 'Show of Hands'.
Mum and I decided there was no point worrying about work, money, stuff for the afternoon, and do you know, it worked. I sat, listened, crocheted, chatted and in between various breaks in between bands Mum and I wandered around the Gardens, it was so lovely. There was no phone reception!!! Mum knitted. (she hadn't knitted for ages so after I made that waistcoat for her Birthday last year she asked if I had a pattern for another one, the wool came from my 'shed stash'. We must have looked a sight, but do you know, I couldn't give a damn!
This is an oak tree that fell and as it was too big to remove someone has made it into a feature. incredible, the work and the detail is fantastic.
OK, my Mum is tiny, like both of my sisters (they are SOOOOOOOOOO lucky!!) I have the build of my biological father, tall, big bones, broad shoulders (that isn't a bad thing these days) but.... it is photo's like these, that make you (me) realise that I really have to loose some weight.
How amazing to be able to make this....
My Mum hasn't changed really at all over the years (her clothes haven't either ;0) nor has her hair style) If I could look like that at 65 I'd be well chuffed, but somehow I don't hold out much hope!!
The planting is fantastic, inspiring.....
So full of colour. Plants that I would love to put in my garden. That is what makes me sad about work. After being promised that interview for the gardening job being an internal applicant, I have not been given one. Bit crappy really (OK, under-hand, sexist, bloody well wrong really). Still as I said in my last post it all could be to my advantage. I spoke to my boss, so I now have an extra shift so at least my contracted hours are sorted. She will give me extra, covering other shifts, nights etc. to make up the extra I need for F.T.C. So four days one week, 1 day the next. So I can also pick up some extra 'un-official' gardening work, which gets me know as 'a lady gardener' do the NVQ via my little Sister, and get my life, house and garden sorted.
Giving me time in the evenings to sit down!! Craft, read or walk. As I said, use it to my advantage. As long as I pick up enough to cover bills and stuff then I'm OK, work towards some qualifications. I am lucky that I have a job I really really like, and really don't want to leave, this way I can have the best of both worlds, that can't be bad can it.
On a different note. There are times when I hate being single, someones someone special (not many I hasten to add!!) I was surrounded by happy huggy couples (boy there is no better way to see so many loved up duo's the a summers day, blankets on the ground and music. I joked to Mum about it (but deep down I envied them) until that was........
Brian and his wife sat in front of us!!!!!
All I'll say is I love my single life, my nagg free, criticism -less life. I'll say no more!! Anyway I have Lily when I am down and need a hug!!
And there is a reason I am making a blanket.... Too keep my Mum warm (but she can't have this one!!)
To my Mum, thank you for a lovely day xx


  1. What a lovely post.

    That tree was amazing - there are some v.tallented folk about aren't there?

  2. Ah, see, not that bad after all!!! Looks like a lovely day out, good for you girl!!

  3. so happy that it seems to be working out for you, albeit it in a roundabout way - your mum looks lovely!


  4. Lovely piccie of your mum.:-)

  5. What a fantastic oak tree. Looks like you and your lovely Mum had a great day.


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