Saturday, 3 July 2010

A dilemma.

I worked last night. It was a good shift.
I took up a residents trousers instead of having 40 winks. I couldn't settle.
I sat and read, watched seagulls, walked around the corridors thinking how strange that I felt so at home there.
I sat and went through the rota, picking up any extra shifts I could. Why?

How about this.

I have got a list of my regular hours....... it is a 2 week rota.... My contract is for 15 hrs per week...... (crap huh!! I NEED 18 for working tax credits, I need 24 to run my house hold, feed my kids, pay my bills etc)

My new hours are....
Week 1 - Thursday 2 - 8, Saturday 8 - 2, Sunday 8 - 2.
Week 2 - Thursday 2 - 8.
Maybe possibly Wednesday 2 - 8.

Even I can add that up, I need that Wednesday to just make up my contracted hours. Let alone enough to qualify for Working tax credit. I can pick up the odd shift if someone is on holiday, but you have to be quick for that.

I saw in the Diary that they are at 9am on Monday "interviewing Groundsman" (Bugger, last time I looked I was a woman!!)
So not me, as I haven't been told about it, I am also out with Jose on Monday. If I hadn't looked in the diary I wouldn't have known, or maybe, shouldn't know.
I should really be having a little sleep right now as I am out to listen to music with my Mum this afternoon but I can't, my head is too full!!

So...... A second dilemma for me this week, a bit more important then how to crochet a flat circle.

I love my job, so so much but..................... it is looking like I can't afford to stay there.

See, a dilemma.


  1. A 2nd job?? Since I moved to England I've always had to hold down a main job and a supplementary job, just to keep a roof over my head (no gov't help for me you see).

    3 extra hrs could be cleaning for someone, or freelance teaching (all crafts). If they hire a groundsman, maybe they could spot you 3 hrs a week to assist him/her with the skilled garden tasks?

    At least your kids are old enough now that you're free to work on the career path of your choice. The 3 hrs a week extra could be a chance to dip your toe into something new? Maybe even go back to school in a few years?

    I know someone in my village who's looking for a part-time gardener - no mowing, just proper gardening. Let me know if you want the info.

  2. Its a tough one. I have no adice, I was lucky enough to get a job I love that pays ok but have you talked to your boss at all? does he/she know you need more hours? Like I say i am not being much help but I do hope you get it sorted.

  3. You need to do 3 more hours (for money not bloomin' nets!!!) and you need to be straight with work........they will lose you if they don't sort your hours out properly.

    They must be used to people needing certain hours for tax credits, so they shouldn't be too horrified if you explain.

    And jenny's gardening idea sounds good....and do the NVQ too.

    And they're horrible for not telling you what's happening about the 'groundsPERSON' job.

    Hmmmm....I appear to be ranting....sorry!

  4. Hello Jen- The 3 hrs need to be at work. A second job (declared) means paying more in tax, also means as I don't earn much an hour it would be daft unless that second job paid much more and would take me up over the 30 hrs thing. Yep, since talking to Working Tax lady, earning under £7 per hr seems I am damned if I do and damed if I don't. Am already doing some 'alternitive' employment and i think that that is they way forward. Now I know the regular hours I can at least sort other 'jobs' around it. So yes please I am interested in the gardening. Start thinking of me for a change i think!!

    Hello Lyn. I have said to my boss, but there are others who also need more hours. All round pants really!! Enjoy your weekend. I love my job, just need a bit more of it - gauranteed (?)

    Nicki. How was the Charter Fayre? I have explained about the hours. But yep, you are right. I am going to find out about the gardening from Jen and spoke to my sister about the NVQ. You can rant, I did!! Show of Hands were fantastic!!

  5. It will be a loss for the home if you decide to leave, in that sort of area loving the job and the people you care for is essential but not always what happens. I hope you can find a way of sorting things out.

  6. I don't have anything helpful at all to say but didn't want that to stop me leaving a comment saying I'm so sorry that it's such a complicated issue - the tax system seems a nightmare for people on relatively low incomes. And I still cannot fathom why the really important jobs such as caring for little or elderly people, are paid a pittance, whereas the seemingly heartless banking type jobs just designed to make profit for corporations and shareholders are paid ridiculous sums. It's all so wrong and values totally the wrong thing. I do hope you find the right way through the maze soon, lots of love xxxx


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