Thursday, 8 July 2010

The day has finally arrived!!

The preparation started about 12 noon.

The legs, the face mask, the hot oil on the hair, the nails, the make up, the styling of the hair (others before herself!!) the false eye lashes on - then off - the mascara (much better I think)
The curling, the straighting, the waving....
The double checking, the triple checking (quite pleased how the bathroom looks - whoops! sorry decorators eye wanders..)
The wonda bra... (amazing, shame we can't share!!) The dress, wow!! the dress

Oh better just check the hair again.........
AND don't forget the shoes. For the untrained eye amongst us (me) these are Christian Lσuboutin shoes. Stupid money. These shoes cost the same as a cheap car and 10 driving lessons!!! But give her her due, they are her Christmas, Birthday money and all her babysitting money, 100% her money to spend (waste) as she pleases.

That smile makes it all OK, see, why drive when you can get a bus!!

Her Dad sorted out an old taxi to take them.

I just hope they have had a wonderful time and the after prom *iss up leads to a few hang overs.
Guess she really is growing up!!
Boy I feel really really old.


  1. I think I'm quite relieved to have boys! She does look beautiful though and those shoes are incredibly stylish - hope it was a great evening and a great memory for her. xx

  2. They grow up so fast these days! She does look very elegant though.

  3. wow, bet she had a blast!! x x

  4. she looks amazing - i know when Em had her prom, all of a sudden she seemed sooo grown up !


  5. How the years march on .... I bet it didn't seem yesterday that you were washing her face, combing her hair, putting on a pretty dress and trotting with the buggy down to the shops!
    Yes, she does look stunning :0)
    Val xx

  6. She looks amazing - so grown up and glamorous. I hope they had a great night. xxxxx


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