Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Big Day has arrived....

Today, Miss Newman becomes Mrs Landells
Jose is a bridesmaid........

Tracie, My big sister sees her only child walk down the isle......

My Mum has done the Cake (more photos to follow)

The flowers......

And I helped my little sister make button holes in the afternoon and last night I took Mum's camera back fully charged (isn't it always the way you loose the charger when you REALLY need it) I stayed and helped make the flower arrangements for the tables. I really enjoyed doing this. Bit of greenery, bit of this bit of that. The best bit was being allowed to make a mess on my Mum's kitchen floor. I chatted to Mum and heard my Dad wetting himself laughing listening to a comedy programme in the other room. That is a sound I have missed hearing so much. You forget these things.
I got married when I was 18 (the first time). I have carried a few personal ghosts around with me for 19 years (it lasted a week, long story......) But spending the time with my Mum doing something as simple as flower arranging laid a few of those ghosts to rest. Difficult to explain but I know what I mean.
Now, I have to decide what to wear. I have two options, three maybe, but I can't decide. I am not a natural dress wearer (I actually can't think of anything worse) and now wish I had tried to loose at least a stone or five. Still I had a wake up call on Tuesday. Lily collapsed on our walk. I mean collapsed. I had to carry her home, I guess a quarter of a mile, she was a total dead weight, I have no idea how I managed, but from somewhere you know you just get the strength. Got her to the vets and her body temp was 42 (it should be 38.5) She had heat exhaustion. Because the outside temp was so hot and humid she would probably not have been able to cool herself down by panting. The bottom line is I could have lost her. So I am slightly glad I am not a size 10 slip of a thing. But, I realised big time, that I have really got to get fit and loose weight. I can not risk loosing my Dog.
Right off to look at what I could wear. Maybe I should have done this yesterday........x


  1. Oh,how exciting for you all! The flowers look absolutely beautiful,as does the cake..clever Mum!I hope all goes well for everyone,and may the sun shine down on the happy couple on their special day.
    What a scare for you with Lily..glad all ok.

    Bellaboo :o)

  2. the flowers and the cake look brilliant - hope Lilly okay now - have a lovely day today!

  3. I am sure you will all have a lovely, lovely day!

  4. You've got a very clever and talented mum there. The cake and flowers look beautiful. Things like that make a wedding even more special.

    Best wishes to the new couple - have a fab day.

    What awful news about Lily - I hope everything's OK now. Losing your beloved dog is heartbreaking - I should know, I've lost 3 over the past few years and I'm not over any of them yet.

    Jill x

  5. Sorry you had such a shock with Lily and I do hope she's fully recovered now.
    I love it that the wedding has been such a close family occasion - your mum's cake and flower arrangements are beautiful and so much more special being so personal, and I'm glad you shared in it all as well xx


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