Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Big Day has arrived....

Today, Miss Newman becomes Mrs Landells
Jose is a bridesmaid........

Tracie, My big sister sees her only child walk down the isle......

My Mum has done the Cake (more photos to follow)

The flowers......

And I helped my little sister make button holes in the afternoon and last night I took Mum's camera back fully charged (isn't it always the way you loose the charger when you REALLY need it) I stayed and helped make the flower arrangements for the tables. I really enjoyed doing this. Bit of greenery, bit of this bit of that. The best bit was being allowed to make a mess on my Mum's kitchen floor. I chatted to Mum and heard my Dad wetting himself laughing listening to a comedy programme in the other room. That is a sound I have missed hearing so much. You forget these things.
I got married when I was 18 (the first time). I have carried a few personal ghosts around with me for 19 years (it lasted a week, long story......) But spending the time with my Mum doing something as simple as flower arranging laid a few of those ghosts to rest. Difficult to explain but I know what I mean.
Now, I have to decide what to wear. I have two options, three maybe, but I can't decide. I am not a natural dress wearer (I actually can't think of anything worse) and now wish I had tried to loose at least a stone or five. Still I had a wake up call on Tuesday. Lily collapsed on our walk. I mean collapsed. I had to carry her home, I guess a quarter of a mile, she was a total dead weight, I have no idea how I managed, but from somewhere you know you just get the strength. Got her to the vets and her body temp was 42 (it should be 38.5) She had heat exhaustion. Because the outside temp was so hot and humid she would probably not have been able to cool herself down by panting. The bottom line is I could have lost her. So I am slightly glad I am not a size 10 slip of a thing. But, I realised big time, that I have really got to get fit and loose weight. I can not risk loosing my Dog.
Right off to look at what I could wear. Maybe I should have done this yesterday........x

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A very Proud Auntie.

I am now allowed to officially get excited.

Bug is 12 weeks and 4 days.

How do I know? I was Ray's stand in at Ashley's scan. It was a real shame he couldn't be there but I felt really chuffed to be asked by Ash. To see my lovely niece so damn happy was lovely.

To see this tiny baby wiggling and giggling on the screen, to look up and see the face of it's Mummy watching it on the screen was amazing, something I shall never forget. To share that moment, was, I have to say pretty darn good.

So....... Meet Baby Bug xx

Thursday, 8 July 2010

The day has finally arrived!!

The preparation started about 12 noon.

The legs, the face mask, the hot oil on the hair, the nails, the make up, the styling of the hair (others before herself!!) the false eye lashes on - then off - the mascara (much better I think)
The curling, the straighting, the waving....
The double checking, the triple checking (quite pleased how the bathroom looks - whoops! sorry decorators eye wanders..)
The wonda bra... (amazing, shame we can't share!!) The dress, wow!! the dress

Oh better just check the hair again.........
AND don't forget the shoes. For the untrained eye amongst us (me) these are Christian Lσuboutin shoes. Stupid money. These shoes cost the same as a cheap car and 10 driving lessons!!! But give her her due, they are her Christmas, Birthday money and all her babysitting money, 100% her money to spend (waste) as she pleases.

That smile makes it all OK, see, why drive when you can get a bus!!

Her Dad sorted out an old taxi to take them.

I just hope they have had a wonderful time and the after prom *iss up leads to a few hang overs.
Guess she really is growing up!!
Boy I feel really really old.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The perfect house....

Have a look at these two blogs Jane and Christine. Both have been to visit Trevoole Farm.

Maybe, there are still parts of cornwall that are un-spoilt..........

Monday, 5 July 2010

A 'Just What I Needed Day'

What a fantastic invention. Some daft people use the yarn holder to put a drink in. Some people just have no idea do they!!!!
This was Saturday. A lovely way to spend a day, good company (my Mum) and good Music. Have a listen here. The Band is called 'Show of Hands'.
Mum and I decided there was no point worrying about work, money, stuff for the afternoon, and do you know, it worked. I sat, listened, crocheted, chatted and in between various breaks in between bands Mum and I wandered around the Gardens, it was so lovely. There was no phone reception!!! Mum knitted. (she hadn't knitted for ages so after I made that waistcoat for her Birthday last year she asked if I had a pattern for another one, the wool came from my 'shed stash'. We must have looked a sight, but do you know, I couldn't give a damn!
This is an oak tree that fell and as it was too big to remove someone has made it into a feature. incredible, the work and the detail is fantastic.
OK, my Mum is tiny, like both of my sisters (they are SOOOOOOOOOO lucky!!) I have the build of my biological father, tall, big bones, broad shoulders (that isn't a bad thing these days) but.... it is photo's like these, that make you (me) realise that I really have to loose some weight.
How amazing to be able to make this....
My Mum hasn't changed really at all over the years (her clothes haven't either ;0) nor has her hair style) If I could look like that at 65 I'd be well chuffed, but somehow I don't hold out much hope!!
The planting is fantastic, inspiring.....
So full of colour. Plants that I would love to put in my garden. That is what makes me sad about work. After being promised that interview for the gardening job being an internal applicant, I have not been given one. Bit crappy really (OK, under-hand, sexist, bloody well wrong really). Still as I said in my last post it all could be to my advantage. I spoke to my boss, so I now have an extra shift so at least my contracted hours are sorted. She will give me extra, covering other shifts, nights etc. to make up the extra I need for F.T.C. So four days one week, 1 day the next. So I can also pick up some extra 'un-official' gardening work, which gets me know as 'a lady gardener' do the NVQ via my little Sister, and get my life, house and garden sorted.
Giving me time in the evenings to sit down!! Craft, read or walk. As I said, use it to my advantage. As long as I pick up enough to cover bills and stuff then I'm OK, work towards some qualifications. I am lucky that I have a job I really really like, and really don't want to leave, this way I can have the best of both worlds, that can't be bad can it.
On a different note. There are times when I hate being single, someones someone special (not many I hasten to add!!) I was surrounded by happy huggy couples (boy there is no better way to see so many loved up duo's the a summers day, blankets on the ground and music. I joked to Mum about it (but deep down I envied them) until that was........
Brian and his wife sat in front of us!!!!!
All I'll say is I love my single life, my nagg free, criticism -less life. I'll say no more!! Anyway I have Lily when I am down and need a hug!!
And there is a reason I am making a blanket.... Too keep my Mum warm (but she can't have this one!!)
To my Mum, thank you for a lovely day xx

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Maybe to my advantage.....

Show of Hands

This is just a quick post as I am shattered. After working last night I haven't been to bed yet and I had to stay up, awake and dressed to go and get Josie after she finished babysitting.

I have had a good day. I picked my Mum up and we headed to Abbotsbury Sub Tropical Gardens for a concert by Show of Hands plus a few other bands. On the way over we talked and talked, about life, job, money it was good. We decided that there is nothing I can do about it and we would just switch off (both of us) and enjoy the gardens.

My post this morning was full of panic, fear. But the more I think about it, sort of their loss my gain really. Tell you a bit more in the morning and the photos from yesterday.

A dilemma.

I worked last night. It was a good shift.
I took up a residents trousers instead of having 40 winks. I couldn't settle.
I sat and read, watched seagulls, walked around the corridors thinking how strange that I felt so at home there.
I sat and went through the rota, picking up any extra shifts I could. Why?

How about this.

I have got a list of my regular hours....... it is a 2 week rota.... My contract is for 15 hrs per week...... (crap huh!! I NEED 18 for working tax credits, I need 24 to run my house hold, feed my kids, pay my bills etc)

My new hours are....
Week 1 - Thursday 2 - 8, Saturday 8 - 2, Sunday 8 - 2.
Week 2 - Thursday 2 - 8.
Maybe possibly Wednesday 2 - 8.

Even I can add that up, I need that Wednesday to just make up my contracted hours. Let alone enough to qualify for Working tax credit. I can pick up the odd shift if someone is on holiday, but you have to be quick for that.

I saw in the Diary that they are at 9am on Monday "interviewing Groundsman" (Bugger, last time I looked I was a woman!!)
So not me, as I haven't been told about it, I am also out with Jose on Monday. If I hadn't looked in the diary I wouldn't have known, or maybe, shouldn't know.
I should really be having a little sleep right now as I am out to listen to music with my Mum this afternoon but I can't, my head is too full!!

So...... A second dilemma for me this week, a bit more important then how to crochet a flat circle.

I love my job, so so much but..................... it is looking like I can't afford to stay there.

See, a dilemma.
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